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Tech- - ELECTRICAL / How to fix unrepairable bulb sockets
« on: September 17, 2010, 06:56:15 PM »
If Lucas was the prince of darkness,Chrysler was the king of shorts and bad grounds.
The majority of the bulb sockets  in taillights,turn signals,and cornering lamp assemblies are permanently stamped or pressed into white metal,potmetal or aluminum housings.
As the housings corrode,they become poor ground for the bulbs.
Old rotten gaskets,or broken lenses invite moisture and the socket is no good.
Some owners search high and low for complete housings just to replace a bad socket.
With our cars approaching 30,40,or 50 years old,it is getting tougher to find  housings  in good working shape,and 95% are not even available in reproduction.
Some housings for certain cars command a premium price that most of us cannot justify spending.
So,you have a bad socket on your taillight or front turn signal
So,what's a poor guy to do?
I will share a proven inexpensive repair I have done  that works and you can still use your crusty old housing..
All you need is your own hands,some tools,a cheap plastic twist-loc bulb socket,and some wiring supplies.
I butchered a couple different housings for clarity.
CBarge2010-09-18 01:01:22

General BS and Laughs / Destroying Grandpa's car
« on: August 20, 2010, 05:47:09 AM »
Despite not being able to understand the german language,I find this entertaining.
Besides..I drive my Dippy like this normally.
CBarge2010-08-20 10:48:01

Tech- - FUEL / RPM intake and A/C???
« on: August 15, 2010, 03:21:57 PM »
Just wonderingg if anybody ran an Edelbrock Performer intake on a 360 and if so,does the compressor bolt back onto the engine?
Vehicle in question is a 73 D100 with factory air and 360.

Doug is running a 69 340 intake but that limits his choice of carbs.His 750 Holley butterflies hit the bores of the intake.
His 600cfm Eddy runs good but is leaned out.
Later model factory 4bbl intakes are being considered as long as the a/c will still fit.
Like an intake for a 78 Lil Red Express,etc.
ANy help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


Site Questions and Announcements / Site was down..
« on: August 14, 2010, 09:45:42 AM »
For a little while.
Almost twelve hours since a live update kicked its arse around 2:30/3 AM.
Steve was haunted by numerous calls from members suffering from serious withdrawl effects not being able to get on.
Steve is trying to have a vacation and with some help back in Joisey--and in FLA--he got it back up again! YaY!
Thanks  for keeping me in the loop,Steve.
CBarge2010-08-14 14:46:15

Tech- - Engine / It's been a long time..
« on: August 09, 2010, 11:51:19 AM »
...I can't remember where the flat sheetmetal piece goes in the valley--Front?? Back??
I had the engine apart for so long I forgot where it it goes..
I got my insulation and tin foil and this part stopped me in my tracks right before
I was about to bolt her down.
Any help is appreciated.

General BS and Laughs / Damn kids getting on Kraut's nerves
« on: July 30, 2010, 07:59:55 PM »
Something Steve and I had known for three years on the "dark side'.
Check this out..

Tech- - Engine / LA dizzy drive gear/motor install update
« on: July 23, 2010, 06:48:01 PM »
My good buddy Dougy just got his freshly rebuilt 360 home today.
He needs to know what position the oil pump shaft/dizzy gear should be in.
motor has been set to TDC.
I know that B/RB has the slot for the dizzy aligned with the center of the cam as you look at it.
Is the small block any different??
Need to know so we avoid bent pushrods/valve upon initial startup.
CBarge2010-07-26 20:47:14

General Mopar Discussions / I'm done with the dark side
« on: May 25, 2010, 05:41:12 PM »
I had enough of the Dock site problems.
At home or work I cannot get on there.
I tried everything suggested-lower my security to almost unsafe levels,cleaned out my cookies,did a defrag,disc cleanup,emptied my pics down onto disc.
Even did Internet Explorer to diagnose connection problems---nothing wrong found.
My local service provider said it is not their problem either.
I give up.
The owner of this particular site waited too long to change servers and the site needs an overhaul.
Plus I offered to be a moderator since he is almost never on there and the damn kids run rampant.
He said he would think about it.A year later he is still thinkin' about it
A case of too little too late,IMHO.
So,my BoaB updates will be done here and here only.
I can go for a shyite,read a Mopar Action cover to cover, and come back and it is still loading up.
So,I am gonna wipe, and wash my hands of my frustration,and flush it away.
I can download faster than that site can upload.

CBarge2010-05-25 22:49:13

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Werkin on the New Yorker
« on: May 24, 2010, 05:52:08 PM »
Being for sale,and with some little nagging electrical issues are kinda scarin' away prospective buyers.
Today,I had enough of  buyers being nit picky.
So,I spent the whole day fixing thing that I have been putting off and got acustomed to over the years having the old girl.
4 years that is.Around the same time I started on the BoaB.
Needless to say,the Barge got some overdue attention today.
She kept popping fuses for the brake and tailights.
I removed the trailer wire harness,replaced a bad socket and bulb.
Funny thing the bulb was working but was shorting out inside.It was black and the solder was melted.Hence the replacement socket.
One by one the dash lights burned out.
To the point that I could not drive in the dark.
So,the dash got ripped apart.
I discovered that the rheostat in the dimmer switch was gone--as in MISSING!
This would explain the dash bulbs popping.The last few were extemely bright then POOF!
I tested two spare dimmer switches and installed a good working one.
Replaced ALL bulbs that were blacker than yer boot.
Sumptuous in there,I installed a NOS fuel guage.
For years,I was guessing on how much gas was in the damn thing.
I know the sending unit works.When full,the guage read half tank.After the half is reading empty,I was calculating MPG.
Then I replaced the shorted out hazard switch.It never worked the ten years I owned it.
Then I cleaned the rusty tabs in the fuse box.
We all know thsat rust creates a high resistance and poor connection.
As soon as I put juice to t he NOS hazard switch it popped the fuse.
NOS sometimes should be listed on E bay as NFG.
So I pulled a used spare from a complete dash that has been taking up space in the back garage.
Works better than the NOS junk.
On to  the cornering lamps..
I knew years ago juice was going to them,and the bulbs tested fine.
But until today,I never did anything about them.
In ten minutes they were off the car and the cutting wheel did a number on the old sockets that were pressed into the housings.
Then the hand file and dremel came out.
I put slots in the old potmetal housings and used sockets from a spare tailight harness for the Dippy..
Now instead of having to remove the corner lamps to replace the bulbs,I just crawl underneath and twist the modern style socket out of the original housing and pop in a bulb.
I used socket that had a ground wire attached and simply crimped a connector to it and used the mounting screws as ground.
Sorry for the long post.
I had a long day--a productive one that burned up a case of beer...UURRPP
Yup,I have lapsed,but getting ahead.
See yuh!

« on: May 23, 2010, 06:21:22 AM »
Newest member 74monaco hailing from FLA.
Let's all give him a warm welcome.
Please tell us about yourself and some pics of you andd your car.
If you were invited by Stan (Commando1) yes were are profiling,LOL!!!!
Just kidding!!

Steve,you should invite this guy over here and at the deisel forum..
Imagine this guy is actually building a 67 Newport 'vert and has stuffed a Cummins in it!!
That is SICK!As in cool type of sick.
CBarge2010-05-22 22:45:09

General BS and Laughs / I quit..uhh hold on $$$
« on: April 30, 2010, 07:44:39 PM »
After almost 5 months to the day working at the local GM dealership,I am moving on.
I never worked in a dealership Service Dept. before was an eye opener.
First of all,the people I worked with are great.The mechanics are very skilled and easy to get along with.
This is not a personal attack to those who are used to working in the dealership atmosphere.I respect the people there since they have to make a living,too.
The problem I had with the service system is the design of the operation,and how I got paid.
It's dog eat dog.
I have to compete against three established service consultants to build clientel.
The more labour I sell,and after a set guidline,I make a commision.
They may smile at you but they are after the same nickle you are chasing.
I am a go getter and I can sell.
They see me as a threat to their sales.
But it will take years to earn a decent wage.
Every paycheque is up and down,so it is hard to balance the books at home.
There has been a heavy undertone on the floor,and lots of back stabbing,and games being played since they know how to "work the system" in their favor.
Greed sets in,and large volumes of people being served at once results in customers being overlooked,cars not getting done,and people getting pissed off.
Communication--or lack of it is also a problem.
I cannot work like that.
The longer I stayed there,the more I hated being there.
I quit.
Luckily,my old shop wants me back and I am going back after next week.
I never realized how big of a void  I left there.
They really missed me--and so do the customers.
After all I was there ten years.
I am glad to go back to my comfort zone where I can take care of my customers,get a salary,and know I earned an honest pay.
Maybe now I can be myself again,and get back to working on the BoaB.
CBarge2010-05-03 20:35:23

General BS and Laughs / Damn kids
« on: March 13, 2010, 06:42:52 AM »
Kids today are getting more and more brazen or brave.
Last night I turned in,and my nephew was in the basement rec room watching TV.
I heard some noises but thought it was him coming up to the kitchen getting a snack.
This morning I went to the closet to get my coat...
It was missing.
In a hurry to get to work,I grabbed another coat.
As I walked to my car,my coat was on the fence,with the hanger on the ground and old reciepts strewn all over.
I found my wife's coat in the backyard.
Now what really got me pizzed was they took my keys to my Dippy which were in my coat!
As a precaution,I cut  the battery terminals and pulled the battery.
If they got the key,they may come back for the car--I will be waiting.
$17.00 in a cab got me to work and on time.
Now I have to bust up the column and get another set of keys.
I have no spares.D'oh!
They did not get in the garage,thank god.I have security lights that come on when somebody is back there.
The nerve of someone walking when we are home.
Luckily,it appears they were looking for cash since the laptop on the table did not dissappear.
My fault not locking the house doors, so I will have to take it on the chin and lock up at all times.
Lesson learned.


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