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General Mopar Discussions / Group buy discount on Rechroming!!
« on: May 07, 2011, 11:47:47 AM »
I will be crossing the border May 19th and heading to Joisey to help out our fearless leader with an engine swap party.
(No furniture,LOL!)
Also since I have to pass through Syracuse -both ways-I am dropping off some bumpers to get rechromed.
The beauty of this trip is I am offering to drop off anybody else's bumpers or whatever at Sandy's bumper mart in Syracuse for them.
It can work for members on both sides of the border and save on shipping.
-You must call Sandy's ahead of time and if interested,do a deposit on the job.
If I get a full load both ways,a 15% discount is being offered.
Canuckians can meet me May 14th in Oshawa at the Thickson Ave shopping centre with the big box stores.Mike66chryslers and I are meeting there for lunch around 11 or noonish.
Americans meet me in Joisey May 20-23rd at Steve's.
All I ask in return is put some gas in my tank.
I am driving the Waygun,so lots of room for bumpers.
PM me or email me.My e mail is in my profile.

CBarge2011-05-11 21:27:15

General Tech / V-8 RWD conversion 99 Intrepid
« on: February 13, 2011, 09:52:35 AM »
Stumbled across this and it is impressive.
Sttuffed a Magnum MPFI in an LHS platform...very cool
That will mess with people's minds when the tires burn rubber from the rear wheels..
Also check his other postings.

General BS and Laughs / Newfie Job Application
« on: February 05, 2011, 08:34:21 AM »
This is hilarious!
For those who cannot understand the thick accent,the transcript is below the youtube screen..

General BS and Laughs / STORM-AGEDDON!
« on: February 01, 2011, 05:09:48 PM »

The media is hyping up the groundhog day winter storm since yesterday.
What a joke.
Radio stations here joking about giving the ground hog an auger and shovel.
Another station quoted Willie will not even bother venturing out and suggest you do the same.
Still no snow here yet,and school buses are already cancelled for tomorrow.
Both of my co-workers are not coming in to work since out of the three of us,I am the only one that live in town that has a key to open up the garage.
I take weather seriously,but the media is hyping the crap outa this what used to be normal typical winter weather--at least what I am used to growing up in the Maritimes,anyways. .
I say bring it.It does not bother me none.I am used to it.
Anybody getting walloped from this storm that started in Texas??
Looks like Chicago's getting it,but Buffalo,Detroit,and Toronto are not hit......yet.

General BS and Laughs / Cool TV commercial 60 NYer
« on: January 22, 2011, 10:19:09 AM »

General BS and Laughs / Bubba moved up into a penthouse....
« on: January 02, 2011, 03:31:57 PM »

General BS and Laughs / NYC blizzard clean up...unbelievable.
« on: December 28, 2010, 05:06:21 PM »

General BS and Laughs / How's the weather in Joisey??
« on: December 27, 2010, 01:01:37 PM »

General BS and Laughs / A mopar Christmas
« on: December 24, 2010, 02:58:55 PM »

Merry Christmas everybody.

Jokes / PPFFtt-ing in bed.
« on: December 19, 2010, 07:30:32 PM »

« on: November 11, 2010, 03:50:41 PM »
Our newest member!!
See his reply to the power steering hose thread,and Waygun threads.
So,johnbrnrd,tell us about yourself and your caarrzzs.LOL!
[color=#33ff00 size=7]WELCOME!![/color]

General BS and Laughs / Watch out for Gramma in her Buick station wagon!!
« on: November 02, 2010, 04:31:01 PM »
You have to be a good driver IN PA and Joisey thanks to people like this;
CBarge2010-11-02 20:33:31

General Mopar Discussions / Waygun porn for Commando1
« on: October 16, 2010, 02:26:13 PM »
As requested by Stan,I shot some pics of the wagon for him.
All are welcome to view and enjoy.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Meet WAYGUN!!
« on: September 27, 2010, 05:45:09 PM »
My newest mopar acquisition..WAYGUN!

1973 Plymouth Satellite station wagon!!
I am her third owner,The first and second owners lived in the same neighbourhood in the "Little Greek Town" area of Downtown Toronto.
Many thanks to Ross Woolridge who has known about the car for over 12 years and became friends with the second owner.
Also I want to thank Ray and Doug taking the whole day to help get the car home.
Finally,a big thanks especially to the "shark tank" in Joisey LOL!! Without the mob,none of this would have been possible and not very often do a car like this come around.
CBarge2010-09-29 20:18:23

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