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General Tech / Muffler Trivia Question
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:09:20 AM »
Reading Jay's question about mufflers and the responces made me think: do you know why "Turbo" mufflers got that name?
What's you answer?

Tech- - FUEL / Problem solved!
« on: March 31, 2008, 09:42:46 AM »
I have not been driving my Newport much lately because I have not liked the way it has been running.  It was lacking power, spitting, running hot, and all sorts of things that have made me unhappy.
Two Fridays ago I drove it to Shafter - 20 miles one-way.  When I got there I could sware I was hearing a vacuum leak!  It would get quite loud and then back off.  Every time I opened the hood it vanished.  It was freaking weird!
I drove to Sonic that night at talked with the Doctor - Chris Fredericksen.  When I told him about my intermittent leak, he said I might have a piece of garbage inside the carb.  If it moves it will periodically hit a jet and cutt off the fuel flow.  I would hear it, but find no evidence when inspecting the motor.
I took off the air-horn that Saturday and found a clean carb.  Boo!  So, with no where else to turn, I checked the intake bolts.
Eureka!  Don't know why, but they had worked themselves loose.  One of them, on the back and holding down the throttle linkage, was about an eighth of an inch up!  I re-tightened and re-torqued all of the bolts and now my cars runs great again!
I still have no MPG to brag about, but the car is night and day!

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