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MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: January 29, 2008, 07:59:15 AM »
Yeah thanks for that.  I can see the backrest and there definately isn't any sheet there.  This one was right in the middle of the bench.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: January 28, 2008, 06:14:06 PM »
Welp I did it... I got the back seat out without bending anything...  BUT, I now have a very nice scrape on the drivers rear interior panel...  What do I get for my effort and new scrape zip zero nada.  As a guy I know in Boston would say, FahK. 
Taking out the rear seat not to find a build sheet probably a few hundred dollars.
Finding what remains of the original build sheet under the front seat, Priceless.


czervika2008-01-28 23:15:05

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: January 18, 2008, 01:31:23 PM »
not much in the past few weeks.  Been tied up with work.  We'll get back at it shortly.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 28, 2007, 06:28:33 AM »
Yeah I may start with a decent car but I doubt it'll be as nice as yours when I'm done.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / 1960 Chrysler NewYorker
« on: December 27, 2007, 05:05:10 PM »
Undirtywordbelievable....  Awesome ride.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 27, 2007, 04:46:13 PM »
Thank you sir.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 27, 2007, 03:10:13 PM »
Ok well how about some pics..  I've dedicated a gallery at my photo site just for the Monaco.  I don't plan on posting every shot I take of it here so you can visit  for more shots.
First shot, I was trying to see the fire damage to the gasket but it didn't come out.  Lousy angle.

Not really that bad once it was apart.



Drivers side.

Passenger side.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 23, 2007, 04:42:36 PM »
After many set backs today I am happy to announce another round of success.  
  I had to do the martial thing today so starting on the Monaco was delayed more than I hoped.  Then a no start condition...  Well thats odd since she was running well after the carb rebuild yesterday.  Checked numerous things including the carb.  Maybe it'
s getting flooded maybe the bowls are still running dry.  Nope.  Huh no spark at the plugs.  Lets see if we have spark at the coil... Nope, the coil waire falls off in my hand.  Ah crap.  Head off to autozone since they're closest.  No plug wires soonest they can have them is 01-02-08.  CRAP.  Ok time to head off to Napa, joy I get to romp around in the magnum again.   
So I get to napa.  Nope they don't have 'em, don't even make 'em anymore.  CRAP!  Well we're not sunk yet.  The sweatheart behind the counter pulls out the vintage book, crosses to Accel, and then crosses back to Napa.  Oh look different part number and they have em.  Sweet I'm back in business today.
So I get home swap out the wires and away we go.  Take her down off the dollies.  I let it run for about 5 minutes to let the heat build a little bit as we all know these cars are cold blooded.  Put it in reverse, the engine loaded a bit I knew we had a working reverse.   Take off the emergency brake, ease up on the brake and we have movement.  She went about 6 inches before I stabbed the brakes just to be sure it will stop.  Brakes work 100%, great.    Back to drive, yup she goes forward.   time to test is she can pull herself up the driveway.  Let it go about 2 feet on to the driveway and back to drive, again no problems.    Pulled her all the way out and let it run.  Went in and grabbed the wife.  I told her I'd guide her in and the smile was priceless.  The car only went 40 feet but to my wife it was an amazing little ride.
I hope to get some pictures of it outside this week and post them along with the carb tear down.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 22, 2007, 06:35:14 PM »
Yes it is.  The plan is an every once in a while driver.   I commute 38 miles one way everyday so that puts a damper on driving it too often.  It'll probably end up being a weekend warrior and maybe an occasional driver to work.  But all that depends on what bugs I find and what they take to fix.   I'd like to get all this old gas burnt out of it and see what good stuff will do.  As it stands after the carb rebuild, idle has smoothed out considerably and throttle response seems to be much improved. 
czervika2007-12-22 23:36:04

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 22, 2007, 06:14:56 PM »
Success!    The carb is back on and idling very well.   I still have to correct a choke problem but I think I can deal with it as is since this isn't a driver yet.  Tomorrow she comes down off the dollies and see if we'll move a few feet in reverse and then forward.   
More tomorrow.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 22, 2007, 09:15:35 AM »
Arrgh!  Anyone need a carb rebuild kit for 67 Monaco with big block and carter AFB?   It apears that this thing has a carb from a '69 (4640SA).   I just peed away 30 bucks...  Trip back to Napa...  Ah gives me a chance to romp on the magnum a bit.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 21, 2007, 03:27:54 PM »
Yeah huh.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 21, 2007, 09:46:26 AM »
Well fellas Black Barge has brakes.   Took about 2 hours and a quart of fluid bleeding by myself.  Don't believe everything you hear about those power bleeders.  But then again I couldn't do it the old fashioned way by myself.
Transmission goes into Drive and reverse.  And seems to accelerate the wheels with throttle.  The engine also loads up when placed into either gear.
So those are two good things.   +2 for the day so far.
Carb seems to be getting worse and I don't doubt it.  Got the correct kit in hand and will be tearing it down this afternoon.  I hope I remember how to tune a carb, it's been a long time. 
One negative thing today.  Still +1 for the day over all so I'm happy.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Sheriff
« on: December 19, 2007, 03:56:41 PM »
Foamy suggested I start a project thread so I guess this is going to be it.

Ok so project Bring Black Barge Back To Life officially begins this Friday 12-21-2007.  Since I sort of have her running already, I'll try to get as much as I can during the next few days as far as pictures and what is going on and where we're at.

So for those that don't know this actually ended up being a gift after some family turmoil.  That being said I'll probably end up paying for it with my soul to my in-laws.  But what are ya gunna do?  The car is a 1967 Dodge Monaco, 440 4bbl, 727, Suregrip, factory discs and A/C.  It has sat for roughly 10 years.  It was owned by my wife's grandfather.  He purchased it from a sheriff from somewhere in Montana (as far as I know) in 1968.  It was moved down here to Colorado in late 80's.  
He died about a year before my wife and I were married, but knew him well since I've known her since she was 12, lets just say it's 22 years later.  See, didn't type her age.  The car was parked 2 years before he died and no one else in the family saw any value in the car.  Until we wanted it in August 2005.  Then it was going to Barret Jackson the next week and worth at least 5 or 6 gold bars. So we gave up on it.  In October my father in-law called and asked if we still wanted the car.  We asked what is it going to cost us, the answer was "Do you want the car?".  So $124 later for the flatbed bill and here we are.  Since I'm still waiting on a title search the rest of the family doesn't know that she actually starts and runs and that's the way it will be until the thing is signed and in the safe.
The first time I fired it up my wife came running out of the house as she couldn't believe it.   So I primed the carb again and let her kick it over, she smiled from ear to ear and just sat in it for about 15 minutes with that smile.  I thought she was going to pass out this Saturday 12-15-07 when it fired up without being primed and ran on it's own.
It's not that it's a collectible car or that she has any thoughts of selling it.  It's all the memories of growing up with it.  It apears that this car saved her life when she was 5 after having her tonsils out the second day home she coughed and started to hemorage.  Grandma called the local authorities and told them she was heading for the hopital, threw my wife in the car and ran wide open til they got there.  I think she veiws this as repaying the favor. 
The only she has for asked so far is once the car is fully operational that we go down to Ft. Logan to drop off flowers to her grandparents in their car.  Other than that I've been given free reign.   She says her grandfather would have done everything I've suggested had he had the money.  So it begins.
Some pictures to get this going;
You can see all the pictures here (this is a repository for pictures of my vehicles);
czervika2010-11-12 11:02:56

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