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MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / POLARACO Updated 4-14-08
« on: October 29, 2007, 05:15:55 PM »
I just realized I don't have any pictures of Polaraco on here.  I also realized, I haven't taken any yet!  *Makes note: Take time off from work and bring the car and camera to a nice place*  It would help if it was COMPLETELY DONE!  (Ahem *Drops subtle hint*)
Anyway. . .here's the list of things left to be done.
Sun Visor Clips installed
Front Seat Trims
Chrome Arm rest backs installed
Carpet and trim Trunk
Take car back to body shop to repair 3 rust spots blossoming LR 1/4
Repaint header. .  (My Fault)
Replace Front Sway bar bushings with better ones.  If that fails, put old sway bar back in.
Send car out to have the drive shaft angle checked for trueness horizonatally.  I just don't have the facilities to see it.  (Scheduled for Monday)
Replace RF rim which is bent.  (In Progress)
Replace window channel (Next weekend hopefully)
Improve LF defroster air flow  (Next weekend hopefully)
Work on more power out of the 5.2 or stroke a 5.2 block
Drive the damned thing
So far, in the last month  I have
Finally rewired the area where the two different harnesses meet and installed rear battery.
Replaced the rear carrier
Replaced the 4 Shocks
Installed a new radio with Serius Sat Radio (My wife wanted it)
Rebalanced front tires
adjusted drive shaft pitch and replaced broken trans mount
Adjust T Bar height
Oh there's probably more. . .
I'll get pics for you later in the week.
POLARACO2008-04-14 13:35:28

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / What the Heck! POLARACO
« on: October 06, 2007, 05:03:34 PM »
Oh why not. . .
This is what I was working on last night while Round 1 was running on the chat.
40 Amp Relays. 30 and 20 amp fuses.  I think I took out 15 feet of wire.  All the connections are soldered and shrink wrapped.  Feeders are over sized then branched. 
 Remember, I had to merge 2 different harnesses into this.  the 72 and the 92.  Plus I had to add the electric fans, heater. .  On and On


After.  I can lift that out and service the battery connections behind it by just taking those two nuts off.  Don't need to remove the battery either


I neatened this up too.

POLARACO2007-10-06 23:02:04

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