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General BS and Laughs / Picture Posting Issues 6-30-08
« on: June 29, 2008, 05:57:21 PM »
Hi Guys
I apologize for the inconveinence.
There is an issue with posting pictures.  I have been trying to fix it remoyely, but apparently cannot.
I will fix it tomorrow, Monday
At the same time, I will be doing an upgrade to the forum.  There may be an occasional outage.

General Mopar Discussions / I been meaning too
« on: June 20, 2008, 04:24:52 PM »
I never seem to have the time to do some of the littlew things.  OK So it's Dark
This is Momma's new R/T

General BS and Laughs / Let's see your cars!
« on: June 16, 2008, 12:55:19 PM »
I got the first page. . .   LOL






General BS and Laughs / Talking about Scams!
« on: June 02, 2008, 06:31:19 AM »
I ran over this through a Diesel Forum I belong too.  But this didn't happen at the diesel forum, it's a compeltely different forum.
It's 48 pages telling how someone ripped off people in a forum.  I think my point is. . . Before we buy something from a new member, let's check it out really well first.  There's alot of good points here

Site Questions and Announcements / "60Dart" had 2 heart attacks
« on: May 30, 2008, 08:45:36 AM »
Just to let you know, 60Dart, aka Chuck Lowe had 2 heart attacks.  He is in intensive care awaiting a prognosis.
In time, he is expected to be OK

OK  Let's talk about why lower control arm bushings fail.
From 1957 to 198?  Chrysler used the same design on most of the bodies.  The exceptions would be the K Cars and Transversal T Bar cars.  They all had the same principle.  It was a good design, it serviced them well, but they all had the same weak spot.  The lower control arm bushing.  You have to remember, the entire front end only sits on about 6 square inches of rubber, about 1/4 of an inch thick.

Here is an example of a failing bushing.  This was a Moog with about 12,000 miles on it.  I removed it from Polaraco.
It's safe to say, such a small part does a lot of work.  It absorbs the weight of the front of the car, flexes up and down, and is in constant motion. It keeps the wheels straight, especially in brakeing, and absorbs road vibrations and shocks. It is the connection point for the springs. (T Bars)  Needless to say, this simple $20.00 part is very important.
Look at a typical Torsion Bar suspension in any one of our cars.  Think about what is connected to the lower control arm..  The Frame is at one end, the Torsion Bar goes into it at that end.  There is a shaft on the other end which goes through the frame.  That is the pivot point.  On the outer end is the lower ball joint.  That is connected to the spindle where the turning and braking work is done.  The strut rod is attached to it.  The strut rod limits the back and forward swing of the arm. (Reduces leverage) And the shock absorber is attached.  The shock absorber assists in keeping the wheels on the ground.  It does exactly what it is called.  It does some cornering stability as it slows down and some limiting the travel of the control arm.
So why do lower control arm bushing fail?  There are a dozen reasons.  In our old cars, most of it is age and neglect.  But other old and neglected components can cause it too.
Strut Rod Bushings.
Picture a compass.  North, South, East and West.  Turn the compass vertical and put it at the inner end of the control arm.  The Strut Rod prevents the control arm from traveling East and West too much.  This also effects Caster alignment and could cause a pull while driving.  A Bad Strut Rod bushing, located on the front of the frame, can cause the control arm to travel too much.  This stresses the rubber in a difficult manner more than they were intended.  Between the travel up and down and the excessive sway in the control arm, it can cause the bushing to fracture.  After it tears enough times, the car begins to settle into the bushing, damaging it more.  Remember, you have about 1000 pounds on 3 square inches of 1/4" thick rubber.
Shock Bumpers or Snubber
These are important as they limit the amount travel of the suspension.  If the control arm travels too much, it can be torn internally.  Again, the same condition can start to occur.  The car starts to squash the rubber and sink in.
Shock absorbers
Shock absorbers limit the speed and some of the travel which the bushing does when it twists.  This is the North, South Motion.  Here again, a bushing traveling too fast will tear internally.  Since the up and down motion is the main motion this bushing does, most of the work is north and south.  The bushing flexes and made to flex like that.  It has too flex to allow the control arm to move up and down.  If the shock is bad, the travel distance of the control arm increases, and it moves faster.  Those two motions can tear a bushing.  The compound does not have time to react.  Bad Shocks are the Number one cause of lower bushing failure.
This is the same principle as a tow strap or cable, as an example.  Gradually pull up the tension and it pulls the weight for ever.  But snap it too many times and it will eventually fail. 
A Bad bushing will over ride a shocks ability to do it's job also.  A good mushing offers a fair amount of travel resistance and works with the shock.
So to recap the causes.
Bad Strut Rod bushings
Bad Shocks
Old Rubber
This is why many times you hear me tell someone to check the lower bushings.  They are hard to see, but visible at the right angle.  They are best checked with weight on the control arm.  If you see a piece of rubber sticking out or it bulging at the bottom, the bushing is bad.  Replace it.
Other symptoms are, excessive bouncing, even with new shocks and strut rod bushings.  Grinding with up and down motion.  Squeeking rubber sound.  Unstable driving and cornering.  Abnormal tire wear.
If you haven't done so yet, go out and check those 30 to 40 year old bushings.  I replaced the one above with a set I purchased from  I have to say, there is a world of difference in the way the car handles bumps and how the car handles across the board.  The Moog bushing failed for no apparent reason.  All the components I described above were replaced when the bushings were installed.  I think the Moog is not high quality anymore.  The ones from Justsuspensions were twice the price, but Oh what a difference.  Why do them twice?  I probably will never have to do them again now.

POLARACO2008-05-22 14:50:07

General BS and Laughs / Roast Mobby
« on: May 16, 2008, 05:59:23 PM »
I'll Start
Meat Mountain 

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / **Sniff Sniff** I Smell Diesel Welcome BBRam
« on: May 14, 2008, 02:52:12 PM »
BBRam was invited from a Diesel Forum I am frequently at.  In a discussion about the new Challenger, he mentioned he has a Challenger in his garage.  But it was also said he isn't getting anything done!       Sound Familiar???   So I felt sorry for him and probably saved his life from Moparts.
Most of our guys are driving theirs.  C's tend to have to be around so you E Guys can get your parts!    Now that you have been abused by the Moderator. . . . .
POLARACO2008-05-14 19:53:37

General Tech / Tell me what this is. . . . . OUCH!
« on: May 13, 2008, 03:11:20 PM »
At this time we are dependant on Polaraco as the family car because of my wifes condition.  The big plus is NO AIR BAGS.  She is gladly riding in the car and except for some noise coming from the trunk, likes it.  (Hint Bob)
Sunday I went across a set of Rail Road Tracks near hear with a Polaraco full of people.  My Sister-in-law was in the back seat.  (Need I say more.  She's the "Ditz Queen") I heard a clink and then something wrap the bottom of the car.  Looked in the rear view mirror and saw nothing.  Instead of investigating, my wife wanted to get home.  The car is still moving and not giving me any trouble so I kept going.  
I drove the car to work yesterday, no problems.  Today I ran up town and made a bend in the road.  The car lurched and started to make a hello a racket.  So tonight after I did the dishes, I took the car for a ride again.  On certain moves the car banged and lurched, causing the wheel to slightly jerk to the right.  I also noticed the car alittle wishy washy on turns and a strange feel in the wheel.  
This afternoon I spoke with Butch (HemiFury) and told him I thought I left the strut rod bolt loose.  He thought it was the rear Diff clutches.  They can make you feel like the wheel is coming off, which is what I thought it might be earlier today.  Nope that wasn't it either.  Then I thought the shock broke.  Then maybe the new lower bushing I installed. . Nope Nope Nope.  Jacked it up, nothing loose.
Anyway, I removed this from under the car this evening and robbed a temp replacement from the VOAB.
So what is this little darling????  The Hint is, it's aftermarket.  There's more hints above.

POLARACO2008-05-13 20:17:11

General BS and Laughs / Kilroy was here :-)
« on: April 29, 2008, 07:18:47 AM »
Hey Brian
You saw the conspiricy part. . . Now you know that is 911 related.  I keep doing that to get his blood boiling.   He apparently is not aware we are here.  But then again, I happen to know where the delete button is. . . .
I am sure you know who Kilroy was. . . .   

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / My 65 300 is almost here!!!!
« on: April 23, 2008, 04:30:03 PM »
I got a call from the trucker today, he will be here tomorrow morning with the 65 I got from Chris.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to meet him so I have Bobby meeting him. 
 Bob, if you would be so kind to post some pictures for me.  You'll see it days before I will.
We need a name for the car.  How about Azblackhemi?    

« on: April 23, 2008, 07:24:37 AM »
Chuck is a long time friend of mine who suddenly saw the light and joined.
POLARACO2008-04-23 21:18:33

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Welcome Unca Hulca
« on: April 20, 2008, 06:00:54 AM »
Heh Heh Heh
Love that name. . .Remindes me of an all time favorite movie. . Stripes
How about telling us about yourself and put up some pics of your project (s).  I have 8
[color=#ffff00 size=6]WELCOME[/color]

General BS and Laughs / I suspected most of this . . Buying a new car!
« on: April 16, 2008, 02:34:29 PM »
It's long, but mannnnn it fills in someof my suspicions

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / We need to Welcome Michael M too !!!!
« on: April 14, 2008, 12:44:16 PM »
They're coming in fast Michael.  Sorry we missed you.  It's customary to post a welcome for all the new members.
[color=#ffff33 size=7]WELCOME![/color]
[color=#ffff33 size=7][/color] 
POLARACO2008-04-14 17:45:00

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