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General BS and Laughs / What Mopar do you think is the most Valuable?
« on: April 10, 2008, 05:52:53 AM »
Wasn't implying that the F3 had a bad home in any way - Heck, I'm
Swedish - my Great Grandpa came from Goteborg.  The quality of
resto work they do over there is just amazing!! Some of the FLs in
Sweden are good or better than anything that's done here...that's what
you do when you have 9 months of winter!!  But  given the
reality of excahnge rates, once a car is in Europe, it won't likely be
coming back home any time soon, unless we rein in Wall Street
speculation, which I wouldn't want to bet on...

General BS and Laughs / Newest member of my Mopar family!
« on: April 10, 2008, 05:34:56 AM »
MAZELTOV!! (that's Brooklyn for CONGRATULATIONS!)  

General Mopar Discussions / CHECK UR GAS STATIONS GUYS
« on: April 10, 2008, 04:39:48 AM »
Ethanol is ethyl alcohol, the same stuff as in your bottle of jack opposed to methanol (wood alcohol), propanol, butanol,
pentanol - all are alcohols, in other words OH groups attached to
chains of varying number of carbons. As Bob said, it was used to
replace that nasty MTBE - Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether... a bad and
persistant pollutant, used to reduce air pollution in cold
weather.  Besides the fact that diverting corn production to
making ethanol, a scam by politicians to get votes in the ag states, is
driving up our food prices, when they could be using switchgrass and
other non-foods, even algae,  to produce cellulosic ethanol, it is
also potentially harmful to our old fuel systems. It does pollute less
however. In large %s, it is highly corrosive and damaging to certain
metals and older formulations of rubber. It's energy density is about
~20% less than gasoline, not 1/2 as previously stated,  that means
your range is reduced 20 % if you are running E100 (100% alcohol). E85
is widely available in Europe, and a few places here, GM is touting it,
but what we get here is more like E15, I believe, 15% alcohol. It would
only reduce range minimally. What is bad is it is not always labeled,
as also mentioned. I'd try to avoid putting an alcohol blend of any
kind in any old car, if at all possible. We may be forced to retro-fit
our cars with alcohol proof fuels systems if they increase the usage of
it. Or convert to Propane, whichis what I'd like to do. 

General Mopar Discussions / 57,58,59 Desotos
« on: April 10, 2008, 04:18:45 AM »
No DeSoto in the 50s had suicide doors - I don't think even late 40s did- he's hallucinating ...

General BS and Laughs / NEW CAR!!!!
« on: April 09, 2008, 03:49:54 AM »
Thanks for the info Mike - will give it a try.

General BS and Laughs / What Mopar do you think is the most Valuable?
« on: April 08, 2008, 08:36:15 AM »
Actually, many of the folks in different Euro countries appreciate Mopar's good design and engineering. All you have to do is look at the membership of - many from England, Holland, Germany France, Sweden, Finland, Norway. They started buying up the rarest and best FL models quietly in the late '70s, early '80s while we Americans fixated on '57 Ch..ies and hot rods.  They appreciated early-on Exner's design genius, compared to the mostly gorpy '50s GM syling. Of the 5 known 1958 DeSoto Adventurer convertibles left in the world, 2 are in Sweden. Just look at the FL thread on the Vasteras Show - it will blow your mind! My old '58 black NYer 'vert is shown on there, it's also now in Sweden. I have never seen so many rare FL cars at ANY US show, even Chryslers at Carlisle.... and they have the money, because the standard of living is Europe is now higher than ours, even though Americans don't want to admit it... we are now ranked something like 11th in the world, even worse for life expectancy and other social well being indicators. The average US worker now makes less than they did in back in 1973, factoring in inflation. Manufacturing is going south fast here, and the dollar is in the toilet, while the Euro is now worth 50% more, where it was at parity 7-8 yrs ago. Perfect example: Pharmaceuticals. We owned that industry once, now the world leaders are mostly European. My daughter works for Novartis (Swiss). Europe is way ahead in alternative energy research, since Reagan killed that industry in the 80s with tax cuts. Heard of Nokia, Siemens, Bosch? All huge high tech wealth generators. To a European, buying a $9000 car is like getting it for $6000. These are just some of the reasons we can't compete now that the collector car market is truly global ... just ask Steve where his '71 Fury went... we have quite a few Euro members here.

General BS and Laughs / Locations on your Profile
« on: April 08, 2008, 04:46:04 AM »
People - why not put your locations and name on your profiles?? Makes
it handy to see who is near you - hey - it's a FAMILY here, right?? -
we don't need to be paranoid, do we?? I mean... "United States" for a
location?? C'mon!!!  Or "Canada" for those of you Scanadians...?
Jeezum Crow! 

General BS and Laughs / What Mopar do you think is the most Valuable?
« on: April 08, 2008, 04:29:06 AM »
Did some research - the car that went down on the Andrea Doria was the
"Norseman" custom one-off fastback hardtop coupe that was not actually
a show car, but had a novel cantilevered roof supported entirely by the
C pillars with no A or B pillars! - it was to undergo strength testing
in Detroit... very odd looking. There a pic of it in "Chrysler &
Imperial - The Postwar Years" by noted automotive historian Richard
Langworth... one of the best Chrysler history books ever, but now out
of print, bought it in the late '70s when it was published... 
looking it over, I'd have to say the most valuable Chrysler, besides
the Thunderbolt show car, would probably be the 1956 Imperial Parade
Dual Cowl Phaeton... only 3 were built, by Chrysler, not Ghia, 
for parades - one for NY, one for LA, one for Detroit... used only for
Presidents, Astronauts and visiting Heads of State in the 3 cities...
built from a stretched Crown Imperial with a special Hemi 354 bored out
to ?, a near 150" wheel base chassis,  each was a different color
- cream for LA, black for NY and metallic green for Detroit. Looked
like a '56 Imperial in front, a long open 4 dr dual cowling convertible
car with twin windshields, with special reinforced chassis and custom
oversize Kelsey Hayes wire wheels.  2 of them were eventually
scrapped, but 1 survived in the Paul Stern Collection of Manheim
PA  (I think he founded the Manheim Auto Auction empire, biggest
in the US - a Mopar fan, he had the best Mopar collection in the world
when he died in the '90s)... I believe this,  the only surviving
Parade Phaeton, would be the most valuable Mopar in the world, pics
still exist of every President from Eisenhower thru Ford, and of the
most famous people in the world who rode in it in parades in those 3
cities..., if it ever came up for auction, the sky's the limit.

General BS and Laughs / NEW CAR!!!!
« on: April 08, 2008, 03:42:16 AM »
What's the Lucas fluid you refer to? My daughter has a '90 Olds 98 with
3.8 V6 automatic that has slipped since I bought it off an old lady,
with only 62K original miles... this car looked new and was maintained
by the book, fanatically even, but has always had the slip problem...
now has about 80k mile on Lucas needed?  Where to get?

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / I need your opinion on Polaraco
« on: April 07, 2008, 04:19:10 PM »
very SHARP! - what are those wheels again?

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / I need your opinion on Polaraco
« on: April 07, 2008, 11:47:00 AM »
clean, simple, classy... nice! The WWs give the visual appearance of a larger wheel without any of  the drawbacks... time to stock up on Bleche White - (most of these guys won't even know what that is... I put in many an hour cleaning Dad's whitewalls on his '67 Fury III!)

General Tech / air cleaner height
« on: April 06, 2008, 04:48:33 AM »
That bronze color is great - in fall of 1968 the kid that roomed next
to me in college (he was from kinda near you - Hyattsville in PG
County) had a brand new '68 Charger - 383 4bbl - that he'd bought new
the summer before his freshman year by working for years at his Dad's
gas station in Chillum....he had foresight - 40 yrs later, he still has
it!! I still remember riding in that car when it was 6 mos old - I was
envious to say the least!! that Bronze is a gorgeous color, and he had
the black vinyl top, it actually looked real good with it. The lucky
(smart!) dog also picked up a '70 Challenger 440 6 pack  'vert
about 15 yrs ago - when they were still sorta affordable - and he still
has that one too!

What years was Petty Blue available?  You don't see that color all that often, even at shows...

General Tech / air cleaner height
« on: April 04, 2008, 06:16:51 AM »
How about Petty Blue?? - the electric blue non-metallic - was that for
70 -71? Not stock for '69 I guess, but a great color with satin black
hood & scoops, stripes etc - I "almost" want a B body just to paint
it that color... tho' it might look prety cool on a Sport Fury!!! 

General BS and Laughs / Smog conversion
« on: April 03, 2008, 04:27:37 AM »
Picky picky picky- "blow up" is just a convenient shorthand expression,
my point being valid nonetheless...actually, ignition is just the
triggerring event of the actual explosion, the compression or electric
spark intiated extremely rapid oxidaton of the vaporized volatile short
chain molecular components in the  liquid petroleum fractionation
column derived crude oil product that we call gasoline. Did many a
fractionation in Organic Chem lab....  "What's not to like" is a
rhetorical question. What I was asking specifically was "has anyone
done it?"... I'd like feedback on actual on the road use of propane in
a collector car from someone who's been there. I've heard reports on
improved engine performance, cleaner oil, etc.  There are millions
of propane vehicles in use, including virtually all forklifts used
indoors, specifically because their emissions are so clean as to not
cause a significant problem with indoor air, and the smog issue was the
original topic of the thread. I'm interested in lowering emission
products without adding cats.

General BS and Laughs / Smog conversion
« on: April 02, 2008, 03:34:45 PM »
Not only that, but less oxides of nitrogen and sulfur,  carbon monoxide and and dioxide, not to mention the really toxic and dangerous stuff like dihydrogen monoxide.

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