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General Tech / Propane powered engine question
« on: March 07, 2010, 04:09:23 PM »
Today I was playing around with a pickup truck that I purchased a few months ago that runs on propane. It had a slight misfire now and again at mid to higher rpms so I started checking the ignition system from the distributor down to the plugs for any obvious problems. Found a loose spark plug wire on the dizzy and fixed that but carried on with my inspection.
I pulled a spark plug to see what the condition of it was. It was a little bit dirty but not in bad shape so I buffed it up on a bench grinder wire wheel, adjusted the gap and reinstalled it. The next plug was extremely tight and I broke it off unfortunately.  I was able to remove it though. I am going to be more careful with the rest. Also I plan on doing a compression test while I am at it. 
Anyway this leads me to my question as I have never owned a propane powered vehicle before this one. Does a propane engine prefer a different heat plug than when you run gasoline? Do they like hotter plugs or colder plugs? I have some colder plugs than what were in it but if it requires the hotter plugs I will go purchase some new ones. I will mainly be using this truck for plowing snow in the winter but will probably also use it to pull the occasional trailer load.
Thanks guys!

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