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General Mopar Discussions / Two C Bodies - I almost passed out!
« on: April 27, 2009, 11:53:53 AM »
I perused Mopar Action yesteday and was pleasantly surprized to see not one, but two articles featuring C Bodys!  One was a '66 Dodge, the other a '67 300 'vert!  Check it out!!

UPHOLSERY HOW TOO's / Earth to Bob...
« on: April 20, 2009, 10:00:51 AM »
Are you still here?  I'm waiting for an answer to my question.
POLARACO2009-04-20 15:54:34

UPHOLSERY HOW TOO's / Best way to install carpet?
« on: April 13, 2009, 09:52:44 AM »
Hey Bobby, Jerry and I are about ready to install the carpet kit we bought for the Gremiln.  Talk to me about glues, or what I should use in the installation?  Much of the carpet is held in place by screws, but on the wheel wells it is done so by glue.
Also, my Brother-in-law used that silver-type insulation on his Camero.  Do you recommend that stuff, or should I go with a factory style pad?  I can get the pad from APD.
Thanks Buddy!

General BS and Laughs / I'm in a Movie!!!
« on: March 20, 2009, 09:59:25 AM »
Actually, it's a short, I don't say anything, but it does feature my car for a short while.
This is a short film that was enterened in a Christian Youth Film Festival held here in early March.  The film took first place.  The kids in it are friends of mine and all good guys!  The Bronco in it belongs to one of the fathers and has been a project for years!
We all know how that is!!!
Anyway, f you choose to watch it I hope you enjoy.   It's 10 minutes long but the credits are missing.
I think you will be able to know which one is me.
POLARACO2009-03-20 20:15:01

General BS and Laughs / After 13 Years, 1 Month and 1 Day...
« on: February 03, 2009, 10:26:31 AM »
...we finally bought another new car!  Yes, it was on December 27, 1995 when Frances and I purchased our last new car, and it was the Startus that we still have.
We bought a 2009 Chrysler Sebring Limited.  It's a real nice car with many options including leather, heated seats. 
We went to the local Dodge and Pontiac Dealerships trying to make a deal on an Avenger GT and a G6 GT, but neither would drop to where we wanted.  So, if we were going to have to purchase a 4 banger - to Chrysler we went!  We got the Limited for $20,798 out the door!  The funny thing is the window sticker was the same as that on the G6 - $24, 500.  If only Pontiac was willing to deal as Chrysler was.
Recession, where?  Frances and I were surprized with what they were not willing to do.
We bought this last Friday night.  I've hesitated to say anything because of the economy - didn't want to appear bragging. 
Frances only wanted to pay so much a month and did not want to have to come up with a large down payment.  She didn't want to touch reserves because of the economy.   We got 2 grand in rebates from Chrysler and received a better rate from them than our Credit Union was offering.  So, we got the payments we wanted, did not end up buying used, didn't have to put one dime down, and have a sweet car.  God did truly bless us!  Remember Malachi 3:10!
I took a picture on my cell phone and sent it to Jerry and my Sister.  So, if you would like to see it, give me a call!

General BS and Laughs / Last of the Camaro
« on: December 22, 2008, 06:21:57 AM »
Hey people, check out the following link.  I got it from John Hinds of Bakersfield, a Ford guy.  It's hilarious!  (There is some suggestive language in the song, a spoof of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.")

General BS and Laughs / Got my first Christmas Card!
« on: December 04, 2008, 09:02:59 AM »
Yep, the first of teh Season, and it was frm my friend Stve Hobby!
Thanks Buddy!  Mine's coming, but I have not even written the 2008 version of the Allred Family Christmas Letter yet, so thou must wait!

General BS and Laughs / Price of Gas
« on: December 03, 2008, 10:01:53 AM »
Hey, how much are you paying in your area at this time?  I've seen $1.73, and paid a dime more last weekend because I went to a Mobil.  Costco would have been at that or cheaper.
What about in your areas?

Hey, did any of you see the two red,  '61 Newport 'verts that were on ebay of months last year?  They were beautiful and the seller was getting bids of 40 grand or more, but they never hit the reserve?  I just saw them today in Hemmings Motor News. 
You can buy them both for a small sum of....
[color=#ff0000 size=7]$200,000.00!!!![/color]
[color=#ff0000 size=7][/color] 
[color=#ff0000 size=7][/color] 
[color=#cccccc size=2]Or, you can buy one for half the cost.[/color]
[color=#cccccc size=7][/color] 
[color=#ff0000 size=7][/color] 
[color=#cccccc size=2]I don't care how gorgeous they are, what is this guy thinking????  They're Newports!!![/color]

Tech- - ELECTRICAL / Hard Starts
« on: October 06, 2008, 12:50:41 PM »
Hey Friends, I just fixed a problem that I really didn't know I had.
For the longest time - since I bought it in '03 - my Newport would fire right up when cold but take the longest time starting when hot.  (However, not if the car had sat for a while; then I had to crank it rather long to get fuel back into the carb when cold.)  With tune-ups, swapping to Mopar Performance Electric Ignition, new carb and intake the problem persisted.
It was getting worse over this summer.  When I drove it to Santa Cruz there were two times I didn't think it was going to start at all.  It would, finally, and then I would watch my Amp Guage holding at "Charge" for a long time.
Then, two weeks ago, the four of us went out for shopping and then dinner at Red Robin.  The car had a hard time starting at the shopping center we were at, but after RR it would not fire at all.  I drained the battery trying.  A Dude in a pickup as well as the AAA guy tried to give me a jump, all to no avail.  Getting towed home was embarrasing. 
That night at home I pulled a plug wire and discovered I had no spark.  After talking with Chris "the Doctor" the next day he told me to get another control module.  I did, as well as a new ballast resistor as recommended by Mike at Oildale Auto PArts.  I installed the new module and the car fired instantly!  Whoo-hoo!  But, after driving it the next day the hard starts were still there.
The Doctor told me to bring the car to his shop so he could do a electrical check on it.  It didn't last long for he to tell me that my starter was drawing a whopping 400 amps!  He told me to replace it immediately!  I did.  (By the way, normal amps are 235 when cranking with a max of 375.  Mariah asked so I looked it up.)
What a difference!  My car starts instantly!!  When hot it still takes longer, but the starter stays constant and the motor fires in 1/6th the time it used to.
Chris said the drain caused by the old starter was taking needed power away from the ECM which is why the motor would not fire, or would take so long.  Then, it simply burned out the ECM I had.
So, how old is your starter? 

General Mopar Discussions / Say It Ain't So!!!!
« on: August 28, 2008, 07:30:54 AM »
I heard on the radio this mornign that Chrysler, in a move to cut expenses, is trying to dump the Viper!  They want to "sell it" to another manufacturer.
I'll never have the dough to own one of these, but it's the only avenue for bragging rights in world-wide motorsports Mopar has!
It's the late '70s all over again!!!  

General Mopar Discussions / '68 Fury in Hemmings Classic Car
« on: August 27, 2008, 09:46:31 AM »
HAs anyone seen the article on the '68 Fury from Whittier CA in the latest issue of HCC?  It's a nice car.  But there is something I am curious about.  The article says the car was from Tennesee (spelling????), but doesn't say how long it was there.  The car has CA black plates on it, so it had to come here prior to September, 1970.  The article says the car was in storage for many years.  I'm wondering where?
Does anyone know the owner? 
If you have not seen the article, check it out.  It's a nice car still in original condition.

General Mopar Discussions / My Disk Brake Ordeal finally Ended! (Long)
« on: August 04, 2008, 09:42:28 AM »
When I starter the job of swapping my drums for disks I thougth it would take several days.  After all, It took me two days to do the same on the Gremlin project, and they had sold me the wrong calipers.
So, on July 14 I started.  I had purchased a '73 disk set-up on ebay.  I tore it all apart.  A buddy sand-blasted the knuckles, brake plates, and mounting brackets.  I purchased new rotors, pads, and calipers.  I had been told that I could use the same brake hoses, either by someone on this site or another.  Since mine were two years old I welcomed the savings.
So, how'd things go?
July 14: removed all drums, backing plates, and steering knuckles.  Discovered I had a bad ball-joint on passenger side.  Stopped working and went to oildale Auto PArts for new BJs.
July 15: Back to Oildale for new BJs and then to Richard's to borrow BJ removal socket from Chris "the Doctor" Fredricksen.  Back to house, removed and replaced ball joints.  Attached disk knuckles and torqued them.  All went well.  Installed new, Passenger side rotor.  Rotor would not mount correctly - it would stop when properly tightened and cotter pin would not fit if rotor could spin.  Wrong!  Doctor Chris came by.  After inspecting adn comparing the new stuff with the old, rusty rotos, he tells me they are from a '71, not a '73.  He also says they are bloody expensive!
July 16: Back to Oildale.  Mike coughs when he sees the price for one rotor.  Orders me one to make sure it would fit.  I go have lunch with Frances and MAriah and enjoy the day.  Rotor arrives by the time we return.
July 17: Rotor fits!  I call Mike and tell him.  He orders second rotor; tells me it will be in on Friday.  With that news I start to install caliper on PAssenger side.  It won't fit!  It's very tight and I don't know why!  In frustration, I quit and take my shower.  We go out to dinner and a movie - I'm on vacation!!!
July 18: Go to Oildale and pick up new rotor.  Mike's on vacation.  Russ said to square with him when he comes back a week from Friday.  I go home and attempt to install that caliper again.  I stop, and install driver's rotor instead.  Goes on great.  I then install driver's side caliper - it fits like a glove!  I remove it and put it on the P side.  It fits like a glove there too!  I campare it to the P side caliper - it's too freakin small!!!!  I finish the d side and go back to oildale.
July 21: Go to Oildale and swap calipers.  Something looks wrong.  I compare it to the one I'm returning; the new one is a D side caliper!
July 22: Back to Olidale and pick up correct caliper.  I also get ten new chrome, right-threaded wheel nuts.
July 25: Attempt to install P side caliper.  Won't mount.  Try repeatedly.  Won't mount.  Get pissed!  Go to driver's side to install brake hose.  Discover that what I had been told was wrong!!  BAck to Oildale to get disk hoses.  They will be in on Saturday.  I go home and swap out rear left-threaded studs.  Thanks to Fogel who bought a set two years earlier!  Mount rear tire and quit.
July 26: Pick up new hoses at Oildale.  Don't do any work because we are having my B-Day party that nigth and we had to clean the house and get ready.
Aug. 1: Start the day by trying to install the P caliper.  It will not work!  I look under the car at the mounting holes - they're off line!  I compare the caliper to the original one - the blocks are too large on the new one!  I grind them down - it fits!  Hooray!  Now, time to put on new brake hoses - they're too short!  Holy Sh**!!  Grab old hose from parts box and go to Oildale.  Order new hoses and tell them I'll get them at the warehouse!  I pay the bill: $445.00!  Chris was right!  Pick up the hoses and install them.  Great!  Go to swap in the prop valve I picked up at a junk yard two eyars ealier.  Strip one of the brake hose ends on original valve!  Quit for the night!
Aug. 2: Take off fender well to get to prop valve.  Wished I had done so yesterday!  Succesfully remove brake lines and swap valves.  Re-install disk valve and attach all lines.  Install new Disk MAster Cylinder and bleed.  Attach brake lines to MC and bleed alll brakes with help form Frances.  Everything works!   Praise be to God!!!!  Go to Oildale and buy new nuts/bolts to install sway bar.  Get back hoe and install bar.  Start to re-install the fender well and body starts cramping.  Quit for the night.
Aug. 3: head to Wasco at 9:15.  Preach.  Get home, eat, take Sunday nap.  4:15, back out to the garage.  Put fender well back on.  Re-tighten torsion bar bolts.  Install and torque front tires.  Start car, drive car out of garage.  Brakes working.  Go forward and backwards several times in front of home - brakes working.  Drive around block - brakes working well with no fade (always had a fade to the left before).  I like them!  Go back home and put tools away and clean garage.  Push gremlin back in and kiss wife!  Jonb completed!
That's my saga!  I NEVER thougth it would take so long.  Glad it's over.
By the way, as per a question on another thread, I did not need to swap my booster, and I'm as happy as a clam!!!
Sorry this was so long.

General Tech / 15 MPG!
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:09:42 PM »
Hey all, a week ago Jerry and I swapped the 3.23 gears for the original 2.76 third member I swapped two years ago.  (For those of you worried about my surgery, Jerry did all the lifting.)  We drove to Redwood Christian Park last Sunday fro Family Camp.  I took the Newport because it's the only car I have that has a large enough trunk!

Anyway, I got 15 MPG!  Yes, I was happy!

So, swapping the original intake and carb for the Performer and 750cfm Edelbrock setup was the way for me to gain the mileage I so desired.

And, my car ran much cooler than before as well.

It was fully loaded and we had four adults in it.  I think I might get a little better with an empty car.


General BS and Laughs / What do you want for Father's Day?
« on: June 05, 2008, 10:15:40 AM »
Hey All!  I just sent the following to my "Joke List" on my e-mail.  I decided to share it with you.
I saw this link on AOL News and opened it.  It is 10 good and bad suggestions for Father's Day gifts.  It's also a promotional tool for buying!    I entered my thoguths on the suggestions.  Enjoy!  Make your own comments as well.

10 Father's Day Do's and Don'ts
Father's Day is filled with presents from well-meaning wives and caring children, but often times dads are disappointed by the gifts they are given. This season, you have a much better chance of him being satisfied instead of saddened by his gift if you pick his present with his personality in mind, so use these dos and don'ts for ideas of what different types of dads might want.
For the Road Warrior
A Dud for Dad: If your father likes to explore the country in his car, he might be offended if you decide get him a pair of slippers or a robe that implies he should stay at home more often.
-- Amen!
Fantastic for Father's Day: Encourage his adventurous spirit and give him a sense of security when he's on the go with the Garmin nuvi 350 GPS Navigation, which offers many time-saving and life-saving options.
-- Nah! Real men always know where they're going!! If we don't, we read a map while driving!!!
Perfect Papa Presentation: Consider purchasing a travel trashcan for his car and using it as the gift bag instead of buying a box.
-- First offering: the slippers and the robe!
A Dud for Dad: Guys like the hard work involved with gardening outdoors, so any indoor or one-step garden that is easy to cultivate will take away from his fun.
Fantastic for Father's Day: Give him the tools he needs to enjoy his outdoor experience even more with this Garden Tool Set that will have him humming away as he hones his gardening skills.
Perfect Papa Presentation: Burying the package in a flowerpot filled with dirt or fertilizer will ensure that he gives your gift a green "thumbs up" as soon as he starts to "open" it.
-- Heck no! This Dad hates gardening! If you're going to buy me a garden tool, make it a Weed-Wacker! The first thing to go will be those stinking rose bushes!!!!  (That's why Frances insists we use a Gardening Service.)
A Dud for Dad: Anything related to work or that may remind him of his former job is no fun for Father's Day. Now that he's retired, it's time for him to do nothing but relax, relax, relax!
-- I'm not retired and this sounds like a good idea.
Fantastic for Father's Day: Emphasize the fact that he's earned a vacation by gifting him with this comfortable and easy to install Eno Doublenest Hammock. Perfect for the summer, this hammock will have all of your dad's fellow retirees wondering why they didn't get one from their family on Father's Day.
-- Not after I've cut down all the trees with my Weed-Wacker!
Perfect Papa Presentation: Surprise Dad by installing the hammock yourself in a cool, shady place so that he can get started using it right away.
-- Oh, right! I want to try to lie in a hammock put up by a woman! Where's the aspirin?
A Dud for Dad: Golf lessons, a spa gift certificate, or any other experience that might expire before he has time to take advantage of it is not the way to go with a business-minded dad.
Fantastic for Father's Day: Gift your go-getting guy with something he can use immediately and that helps his image, like a lightweight blazer or sports jacket that will garner compliments from clients and coworkers alike.
-- Man, I preach in a Sports Jacket; I don’t want to have fun in one!
Perfect Papa Presentation: Consider purchasing a nice tie rack to go along with this present, and use the tie as the package's bow.
-- Now THAT'S a gift!! Seriously! Ever try to pick a tie from your current rack and four others fall to the floor?
-- Am I alone???
A Dud for Dad: If he's truly in sync with his love for tunes, he probably already owns a great set of headphones and has a favorite music-spouting device, so gifting him with another will just be redundant.
-- No, for I don't have a Bose System.
Fantastic for Father's Day: Help him enhance and expand his ability to hear his music anywhere he goes with this Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System.
-- Portable? No, I want a Bose System III Surround Sound! They're only $3,500.00!
Perfect Papa Presentation: Copy pages from a book of sheet music and wrap the box in it for a package that hits just the right note.
-- This only works if Dad can read music. Otherwise he'll wonder why Honey wrapped his gift in dotted and lined paper.
A Dud for Dad: Tickets to an event are a great idea but can be a bummer if he ends up having to cancel the trip for previous obligations.
-- What Real Man would not cancel his previous plans to go to a game??? Who wrote this stuff?? Ladies, this is a great idea!
Fantastic for Father's Day: Instead of a one-time opportunity, give Dad this NFL Titanium ID Bracelet so that he can feel like he's a part of his favorite team every single day.
-- Only if he drinks a lot and says "we" when he talks about his favorite team winning or losing.
Perfect Papa Presentation: Tie up the bracelet inside of a bandanna with his team's logo instead of using wrapping paper. That way, he'll have something to wipe his sweaty brow during a very close game!
-- If he's a true fan he'll already have the bandanda. He'll stare at Honey and say, "Come on, get me something I don't already have!!! And another beer!"
A Dud for Dad: People can be picky when it comes to their personal scent, so steer clear of fragrances for Father's Day.
-- What? No way!!! Frances knows the fragrances I like an I always welcome more, especially if it's a fragrance SHE likes!
Fantastic for Father's Day: A dad who loves to take care of his appearance will totally appreciate a great shave kit, which has all the tools he needs for smooth skin beyond belief.
-- A Real Man doesn't need a shave kit - he has a beard or uses his hunting knife!!
Perfect Papa Presentation: Place the present on the bathroom sink and write "Happy Father's Day" in shaving cream on the mirror for a pretty neat surprise.
-- Shaving cream? What's that? Besides, it makes the blade rusty.
A Dud for Dad: While manuals and tip books are nice, they're no fun to receive on Father's Day, and there are tons of other gifts that a gamer would love more.
-- Oh, I don't know. I would love a Factory Service Manual for my Dakota. Oh! Games!!! Never mind.
Fantastic for Father's Day: Any gamer guy would love a new system to try, and the Nintendo DS Lite is an inexpensive and exciting gift to give.
-- No! Real Men walk into their kids' room and kick them off of their Nintendo and play instead. We don't need one of our own!
Perfect Papa Presentation: Wake up early on Father's Day and get the system going while he's sleeping so that he sees his present working as soon as he walks into the room.
-- Breakfast. Make us breakfast. We don't want a warmed up game? Again, who wrote this stuff!!
A Dud for Dad: Grandpa probably already feels a bit old, so any humorous "over the hill" gag gifts should be left off for this special occasion.
-- No comment; I'm not a Grandfather.
Fantastic for Father's Day: They say that being a grandfather is actually being a grander father, so what better way to help him excel at showing off his prized grandchildren than by gifting him with a Mini Digital Photo Viewer that can also carry his keys.
-- Oh, yes, give the old man who can't see without a magnifying glass a MINI photo viewer!
Perfect Papa Presentation: Surprise him even further by preloading the viewer with tons of family pictures that he can frequently flip through.
-- Sure; remind him how he USED to look! He'll love you!
A Dud for Dad: Your carefully clothed father won't be pleased with anything fake or cheap, so if you can't afford something nice, stick with a gift card that can be used towards something he can actually wear.
-- Real men don't want clothes, they want tools - Mechanics tools! Unless the clothes are Coveralls, flannel shirts, or "Crack Spakle" shirts. These are acceptable for they go well with working on the car!
Fantastic for Father's Day: Splurge on the one you love with these Diamond & Sterling Silver Cufflinks that he's certain to love and use.
-- I don't want to meet the man who would be happy with these gifts. Jazz Musicians are acceptable, however.
Perfect Papa Presentation: Buy a beautiful card, have all of the kids sign it, and stick the cufflinks through the paper card for a unique and unexpected gifting experience.
-- Buy a beautiful CAR, put the kids in it, and let's go out to eat! Now THAT'S a gift!
[color=#ffcc00 size=7]Happy Father's Day![/color]

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