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General BS and Laughs / Newest member of my Mopar family!
« on: April 09, 2008, 04:46:42 AM »
As per the doc's sched, we would have a c-section birth today at about the time I am typing this. As the Lord has his own ideas, her water broke last night and the new one was removed from her at 10:37 pm.  All went well. All are doing great.  Joshua Michael is 7 lbs 10.9 oz and 20 inches. So he came 12 hours earlier than planned, is 5 oz heavier and 1 inch longer than Jacob was 11.5 yrs ago....  Different hair color and eye color, too!
hmmmm... since Jacob is getting the Shelby 'kota in a few years, I guess Joshua will get the D'ango...  as if 11 yrs apart isn't crazy  enough, I am handing a limited production truck to son #1 and planning on handing a 5.9 Durango to son #2.....
Well, it is shower time for the big brother so we can get back to the hospital and see Mommy and the newbie.....

General Tech / air cleaner height
« on: April 05, 2008, 04:59:13 PM »
Hey Butch.. no piss-offs here... all opines are welcome.. I had 2 big limes. a 71 cuda ragtop and a 69 road runner. Both had black insides and the color looked dang good on the my opinion   Oh yeah, it was originally white with a black vinyl top. If it were a real Bee and not a wanna-bee, it would go back original.
I had thought about orange, but too many in the non-mopar crowd would mistake it for a Gen Lee look-a-like and that would piss me off. As a matter of fact, the kid i bought it from 12 yrs ago was going to make it a Hazard look-a-like.
My 11 yr old likes yellow and black, but tells me no way cuz that is the Steelers colors and that would just be wrong here near B'more. And with the baby being c-sectioned this coming Wednesday, purple is sure to be known as the "Barney car" when he starts talking      If it were another 69 runner, Petty blue would be the ticket for a tribute to the king.
I do like the bronze look, too.... hmmmmm  I'll let you all know what I decide when it finally makes it to the paint shop in about 2 yrs. I've been taking pics of just about any 69 Bee/RT I see at the shows.....  What about that purple/pink lookin color Ford put on their Flare-side p-ups in the early to mid 90's.................That ought to ad some more color to this thread...

General Tech / air cleaner height
« on: April 03, 2008, 11:16:02 AM »
Thanks guys!  The pictures pretty much sum it up....Thanks Butch! 
Just for the record, I am sticking with the factory maniforl on the 71 440 going in the car.
Now for the color... black interior because it is already there and only needs a ront seat cover....  lime green, curious yellow or plum crazy????  so many choices and not enough room, time or money to build one of each....

General Tech / air cleaner height
« on: April 01, 2008, 12:37:14 PM »
Unrelated to my Fury, I am building a 69 Wanna Bee.  I have the entire ramcharger set up from a 383 car. I am installing a 440. I know the 440 is taller and the 383 air cleaner base will not allow the hood close. So the question is.... Since I have a fabricator on reserve down in NC where he is hanging my 1/4s and rebuilding the rear window channel..... How tall/short should the air horn be to allow the system to mate up properly with the 440 as opposed to a 383 ??  Not wanting to pay for the 440 base IF i can find one, we are going to shorten the air horn on the base from the 383 set up.   

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