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General Mopar Discussions / Bumper chrome
« on: April 01, 2009, 04:44:24 PM »
Stan, THANKS!  I'll call 'em tomorrow, since they don't have a web site.
Bobby, YOUR tri-state, MY tri-state,,,,,,,, as close to me as possible!
Use to be a huge bumper exchange shop in the southern part of the state, Leonard's Chrome Plating.  I modified a 2nd generation Dodge PU bumper and they rechormed it for $200., in '03.  Now, they quadrupled their prices, and is doing nothing but antique/Street Rod chrome.

General Mopar Discussions / Bumper chrome
« on: April 01, 2009, 12:17:22 PM »
Any of you guys in the tri-state area, have any bumper chrome shops near you?
I'll ask this to be sure.  You know what I mean by bumper chrome?

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / 1958 350 GC Plymouth build
« on: March 20, 2009, 10:34:11 AM »
mmmmmm, lookey here!  The 5th jacket I have seen!  Wonder where she got it?
2 were on ebay, a # of years ago, one sold for $700 and something , the other jacket bidded up to $600 and something, but, didn't meet reserve.
'Bout the time Fearless Leader switched over to his new site, the 3rd jacket popped up on ebay, and I was able to get the winning bid.
Which Billy Gibson bought out my huge "Christine" collection, and he now has the jacket.
Martin has the 4th jacket,,,,,,,.
Hey Billy!  Lookey here at this display!  Something for you to get an idea.

Tech- - Engine / Great engine oil article
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:46:56 AM »
Roger, I went into Auto Zone's web site, looking for the nearets store to me,,,,,,,,,.  To get some of the Cummins Valvoline.
According to their web site, they don't handle that cummins Val oil?

Tech- - Engine / Great engine oil article
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:03:44 AM »
WHEW!  $35. gallon is HIGH!
Don't really need that fake oil.  Good old 'dino' will work just fine!
Hey Roger!  Where you at?

Tech- - Engine / Great engine oil article
« on: March 12, 2009, 03:55:11 AM »
Roger-Doger!  I sent you a PM on what your opnion is of running a 'Dodge' oil in a 'Ford'  LOL!
Wifey bought a low mileage F-450 to pull her and middle daughter's horsey trailer.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Another FL topic for discussion
« on: February 04, 2009, 09:51:28 AM »
%$#@ the spies! 
Go tell 'em, you wouldn't pee in none of their mouths if they were layin there with their teeth on fire!
Bunch of little kiddies anyhow, crying on which end of the sandbox to poop in!
Hobby!  This is YOUR site, @#$% 'em!  If you catch one, hang 'em out to dry.  I wouldn't worry on holding what I say for fear of offending.
"Hey FwdLk spies!  Hobby sez, you are nothing but a bunch inbread, inbrained, inorgant, indiots, with yer Richards in one hand and a keyboard in the other,,,,,,, not counting, the raging inegos!"  Hobby wants you to get off HIS web site, and go clean up your own side of the playground!"    (there, that oughta scared 'em off,,,,,,  LOL)
If I were you, I would go over there and tell 'em all to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Well, wait a minute.  You can't, can you?  Well, that blowed that idea down the tubes.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / 1958 350 GC Plymouth build
« on: February 03, 2009, 01:20:56 PM »
Bobby, when yer Fury is ALL done and you drive it, and get the first scratch/dent/Bird poop stain, I'll trade you a old cast iron, 16 horse Kohler, John Deere riding lawn mower, and a Chevy C-60 dunp truck for it.
I know you are religious, but, are you open minded,,,,,,?
There are these little 'minituare Boogie men' that run around and all they do is put dents and scratches on nice things.
To ward off these 'spirits' there is a little bell you can get to hang descretely,  in a hidden spot, or out in plain view.  just so long as the bell 'dingles'.  that dingling sound is what puts the fear of God in the boogie men, and scares them away.
Or, in descrete places, take a center punch and delibertly punch a ding.  The minituare boogie men see that ding, and think one of them has been there before, leaves you car/vehicle alone, and goes looks for another target.
Don't ask why, but the bell trick, and you delibertly making a small dent, works!
That is why I asked if you were, ,,,,,,, 'open minded'
ALL biker/Harley places sell those little bells,,,,,,,,,.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / 1958 350 GC Plymouth build
« on: February 03, 2009, 01:07:49 PM »
Well,,,,, I'm gonna jump in here,,,,, again.
The motor and VIN #'s matching in the '50's was a 50/50 deal.  (could be as much as 60/40.  40% of those had matching VIN and motor #'s.)  Some matched and some didn't.  It didn't make much differnce.
DON'T loose any sleep over it.  It doesn't really add that much to a FwdLk vehicle, because of how the #ing system worked back then.
It wasn't untill '62, that Ma MoPar changed the #ing system.  THERE, a matched set of #'s, IS IMPORTANT!!!
"62 is also the year that is considered the start of the muscle car era!  things were more docoumented.
Those carbs in the first page, sure look faimiliar!  I'll bet a dime to a small hole do-nut, that those are the carbs I saw, held in my hands, last year in Flordia.
If they are the same carbs, they are REAL #'s, 350 GC, 2, 4's!!!
There MUST be heat spacers under each carb.  If, for some reason they don't put them under, or have the wrong kind,,,,, 1/8" thick gasket a 1/16" piece of aluminum, another 1/8" gasket material.
That is the way the OM 350 spacers were.
Ok after much research, I got the felpro part #'s for replacement gaskets and made the aluminum part out of a old road sign.  What part of the aluminum stuck out from the carb/gaskets, I polished.
I got pictures someplace showing the part #'s and what they should look like,,,,,,
There are two differnt kinds of '57, 8 skirts.  One is plain and the other has a rolled lip along the bottom.
I had 'em both, and prefered the skirts with the rolled lip.  Mine were black and the bottom lip was hard to see.
I'd get 'em both, (you can find them on ebay.  OM STEEL Foxcraft)
As far as pins and holes,,,,,,, I think,  the plain set had a small bracket that bolted back there on the wide part of the rear fender lip.  Unless oneg ets down and look, it can't be seen.  Especailly if you have the car lowered a bit in the rear. 
The 350 2bbl was used in a bottom rung Dodge in '58, also.
As far as those piss yeller signs go,,,,,,,, (sigh) just go look at the source,,,,,,,,.
Now I can take this WAYYYYYYYY off topic, by posting about the 312 Y-block, 'bee hive' 2, 4's that came on the '56, '7 Fairlanes, and T-birds!

Tech- - STEERING WHEELS AND SUSPENSION / 58 Fury Heavy Duty Suspension
« on: January 14, 2009, 05:03:34 PM »
 Furys all had bigger brakes than,,,,,,,,,,.
I should say,,,, the 350 GC OPTION, came with bigger brakes.
Don't ask what size, for it's too late and I can't remember.  2 1/2 or 3, X 11 (?)
The 350 GC motor was an OPTION on EVERY '58 Ply, line up
(There were 400 and some 350 equipped '58 convts!)
(approx 250 some of the Furys had the GC motor option)
The GC motor option, came with the bigger shocks, toristion bars, brakes, cooling, and the extra 1/2 leaves in the rear.  Also, the 150 speedo

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Another FL topic for discussion
« on: January 06, 2009, 03:25:17 AM »
Quote from: furyfever
Just did the google search. Here' what I came up with:
Does this look right?
That was not the addy I wrote to, but,,,,,, remember, that was before the downsizing.  Try it, what have you got to loose?
Actually, Am I too much of a worrier?
I dunno, are you a worry wart?
MLC has given me the VIN # and the code stamped on the block. The last five digits are the same in both. Does this alone verify a numbers matching car/engine?
Bobby , yes ,,,, in a way that means the motor and VIN # are matching.
Notice I said VIN # and NOT car.  For two tiny spot welds is all that holds the VIN tags on the Fwdlk cars.
For the sake of  feces and giggles.  The "Matching #" deal didn't actually happen untill after 1962 when Ma MoPar revamped their #ing process and IDing system
1/2 of the cars had matching VIN and motor #'s, half didn't.
It's a plus, (bragging rights), thats all, but It does NOT add to the value like a later matching #'s MoPar does.
So maybe all that's left is to verify that this is in fact a true Fury?...
There is a tiny firewall/cowl tag.  I have seem them all over the palce.  I had two Furys, one the Peter Gunn 350 stick, and a 318.
The fire wall tag was missing on the Gunn car, but I could see where it use to be.  However it was on the opposite side that the 318 Fury was.
That tag,,,,,,,, if you can get someone who knows how to Jethro Bodine 'sipher' it.
Maybe get ahold of someone in the Golden Fin Society and the Ply Owners outfit,
(Sigh),,,,,,,, me and clubs like them, don't get along, (I got kicked out of the 300 club up there a couple of decades ago, for being,,,,, too high spirited, and having no scruples.  I could tell you assinine sotries, they do that will rattle your 'hine teeth!'  Some of those guys have to have a red light bulb screwed into their noses, to keep low flyin' airplanes from crashing into their faces)  if you can get them to get their noses down out of the air long enough to give you information,,,,,,?
There are ways for a sharp eye to telll if that car is a TRUE Fury.
Torsion bar size, the last spring leaf, that "Fury" brown color on the metcal upholstry trim.
The spare wheel did not have the dog dish hub cap nubs.  Wheels were either 14 X 6 or 6.5
The front AND rear seats had a 'dip'
5 button radio front fender mount antenna, heater, whitewall oversized tires, bumper wings, inserts, wheel covers, bigger brakes, differnt rear springs/torsion bars, Fury cloth interior, the single post rearview mirror BOTH sides, were standard items on the Fury.  
because the VIN does not verify the model....Chrysler lumped all the Plazas, Savoys, Belvys and Furys together with no distinction in the VIN for each model.  
True.  However I think the Fuys (only) were made with a seperate #ing system.  I know the 300 letter cars, even though they came down the same line as the rest, had a seperate #ing sys.
Anybody that knows their stuff here....
I'm dumber than a wad of snot,,,,,,,,
please chime in...all info. will be greatly appreciated...because the resto. is starting soon....I think it will be nice to have the many details Chrysler Historical will provide...but I think it will all arrive too late..
Too late for what?

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Another FL topic for discussion
« on: January 05, 2009, 05:13:22 AM »
Bobby untill someone gives you the 'exact' addy for the historical dept of Ma MoPar, do a GOOGLE search.
Yes, it will take some time, 4 to 6 weeks, or so, AND a little $$$!
Thy ewill NEED a pencil rub of your data plate, VIN plate, and the block #'s
(Those are on the little machined pad.)
You sedn in a request, they send you a forum to fill out, you send back your $$$ and pencil rubs and proof of ownership.
They then will send you the IBM card that prooves EXACTLY how the vehicle you gave the VIN # to, came from Ma MoPar's woom.
Now this part I don't know.   You will have to find out.  If the Hist dept desiphers the IBM car for you, or, will you will have to find some one who has the code to desipher how/what the holes in the card mean.
There in the mid '80's (?) sometime, the historical dept was closed due to buget cuts.
Use to be, you could call up there and talk to the woman in charge.  She was VERY helpful and friendly.  Informatrion was free.  You just paid for the factory pictures.  Glossy B&W 8X10's
I think back then they were a whopping $10 each.  If you wanted the complete photo pagkage, it was around $2K+  THEN!

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Another FL topic for discussion
« on: January 04, 2009, 02:02:57 PM »
Yeah,,,,,.  What he said about who Neil is.
Hobby, "D-500" Neil Vedder, wasnt' on FwdLk when you were there, the reason you don't know him.
But, as with hearsay, he has formed 'his' opnion of you, and anything you are, or was, associated with.  Even those people who are, or were, associated with you.  (ex; Ultra One)
His loss your gain.
He is a auto insurnace adjuster out in Calif.

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Another FL topic for discussion
« on: January 02, 2009, 05:30:55 PM »
and the one on the right is her sister: Ms. Belvie (dear)....

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Another FL topic for discussion
« on: January 02, 2009, 06:51:58 AM »
MY opnion,,,,, I will NOT have a 'whore house' red vehicle.  I like to look at 'em, but, won't own one.
I do NOT like a bright red color.  Burgandy/Maroon, I LIKE!
When the movie first came out, I rembered seeing a '58 Fury on it's sdie in a local yard here.
I bought it.  (Parts only) the one side was rusted so bad from laying on the ground for 10 years or so.
That car turned out to be the car Craig Stephens, (aka Peter Gunn) bought new!  A 350 STICK car.
I was going to build a OM Fury.  Ammassed ALL factory #'s etc and endough NOS parts to littery build a almost complete NOS car.
In '92, A Chevy guy burnt my garage down.  Two other VERY die hard GM (only) guys took him out for a steak dinner, for ridding the word of a bunch of damned old Chryslers.
I lost a rusty 300-D  HT and a 23K orginal '58 Windsor sedan, a '58 Fury from Colorado, ALL my Fury parts, the trailer I had built
This part is scarry.
One of the two guys was a diabetic.  Since, has died shortly after my fire, (a year or two)
Anyway, they were at a local show, and the diabetic walked up to a '50 Ply and kicked the door as hard as he could, and told the other guy , who had a junk yard, why don't you bring your crusher in here and mash all of the %$#@n' Chryslers!
Well the owner of the '50 Ply jumped up and beat the poop out of the diabetic.
The cops came in and arrested the '50 Ply owner!  (He did get bligernt with the cops)
So the diabetic sued the Ply owner, and get this, the courts favored the diabetic , since he was handicapped!
Ho lost ALL his property, house, car, everything!
First thing the diabetinc did was drive the Ply, and had it mashed!
Took the guys house and barn, flattened it, and sold the property for a million dollars to a developer!  Went to one of the first B-J auctions and bought for some outragious price a rare, specail '49 Olds '98 Convt.
Since, I couldn't sue, or was afraid to sue, I had to forget about any '58 Furys
The insurnace paid for the garage.  So I started over.
The ONLY reason I was able to get that Belvy convt was the Cnadian $$ exchange rate!
I went up to Nova Scotia and got it.
The only reason my refernce book survived, I had loaned it to a person in another state.
As I mentioned, I think you are better off with a genuine Fury.  A 350 GC Fury is a huge plus!
For they only made 2,800 or so 350 GC motors!  around 250 of those was a manual trans.
They dropped the manual trans behind the GC mid year. 
The reason was, the only manual trans they had was a 318 HD beefed Taxi/Cop unit.  It wasn't 'stout' enough to stand up to the GC's torque.
I wasn't untill 1960 (361) that Ma MoPar came out with a manual trans stout enough to take the B Block's torque.
Now if you caould get one of the 'movie' cars, you would, $$$$ wise, be better off with it.
I don't know if SMS upholstry up there in Wash state, or Oregon, or whereever, has started re-popping the '58 Fury Cloth (ONLY)   One of those guys told me back in the early '80's they were goig to do a run of the '58 cloth.  Each year Furys had a differnt cloth pattern.
The perforated Fury center headliner can be duplicated by getting a newer VW bus headliner and glue it to a cardbord and ues it.  Done right, you can't tell the differnce.
The chrome center divider strips, go to ANY '80's-'90's Dodge window Van, the one that carries passengers, and the strips are identical.  You jsut have to get them translucent chromed, or chrome paint, and glue/melt two together for the front to back Fury.  Dodge Van strips are across, side to side.
As I said, I have forgot most of what I know about the, '58 Fury and the GC motor.
A bit of trivia.  Most don't know this, but there was two differnt sets of GC, AFB, carbs!
Two differnt stick carbs, and two differnt auto carbs!
There used to be ONLY TWO chrome shops in the US that had a vat big enough to silver/gold anodize the 7' 7" long 1/4 insert.  One was out in the mid west someplace, the other is Tri-State plating in Hunnington WV  Talk to "Big Ed"
If I can remember something else, I'll pass it along to you.

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