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Tech- - Engine / Freeze Plugs
« on: December 23, 2009, 01:28:03 PM »
Best to go with steel, brass, or rubber expanding?  For longevity & no leaks.

General BS and Laughs / Back from Car Hell
« on: November 24, 2009, 11:43:53 AM »
aka NYC... spent a couple days in Brooklyn Heights since the Daughter
was here from Denver staying at her in-laws... for those that
don't/haven't gone there, it has to be the worst place to own/drive a
car on the planet, well, maybe Tokyo is, but anyhow... close... It sure
ain't no place for a car lover!!! No place for parts cars, for one
thing. And one time it took us 40 min to find a parking spot near their
co-op building, cause the street is swept every Tuesday and we had to
move our or get towed in the Impound. Didn't take the car out once,
always take the Subway everyplace when in NYC, but even so it, had to
be moved. Sunday, coming in, the damm Holland
tunnel access in NJ was closed, detouring everyone into lovely Jersey
City near the swamps and junkyards for miles. Leaving this morning the
FDR Hwy on the East Side was one big parking lot as far N as the eye
could see from the Brooklyn Bridge, so we had to go across lower
Manhattan to the West Side Hwy, now that was fun... taxis thudding into
other outside your window at 2 AM, sirens... it's ALWAYS something
there, we were actually GLAD to get out to Joisey, believe it or
not!!!  We even went by the Joisey Gang Wharton Exit going out
I-80.  She
lived in NYC for 4 yrs and got married there, but we are SO glad we
only have to make occasional visits to
The City now.

That all said, we did get to hear some great Jazz at The Fat Cat, ate
some yummy food, and saw a terrific Kandinsky retrospective at
the Gugg....  I Love/Hate NY!!!

firedome2009-11-24 16:59:21

Site Questions and Announcements / HBD!! to 2 more
« on: November 20, 2009, 04:31:06 AM »
HBD!!!  to Sportfury64 and to that Crusty ol Fart from WVirginny -
RICK! aka AlumaCanTnT.  He's been rumored to be driving around
these days in a big honkin truck with a shiny new bumper... from

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Stan was looking...
« on: November 15, 2009, 01:09:25 PM »

for a car from Paul Amato... Stan, did you ever find him?

Had you seen this:

Apparently our boy is still doing his Elvis impersonations in the Cocoa area.

Also on the Dock it was mentioned by 61Polara that he has some stuff on
Craigslist in FL, but I don't know what or where... maybe try

Like him I'm a fan of /6 Furys... love to find a '70 Fury I

firedome2009-11-15 18:11:03

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Want one to have in progress
« on: November 13, 2009, 06:00:57 AM »
Not sure what thread this is appropriate for, not a Mopar even...
but...since some you guys/gals get around and see all sorts of cars:

Looking for 1941 to 47 PACKARD CLIPPER, 6 or straight 8, short or long
wheelbase.  Decent solid restorable car needing cosmetics and
mechanical OK... I've wanted one for 35 yrs, so decided I'd best get
one now while I still can!!  There's a former taxi in NJ on eBay
now, I've known about it for 10 yrs since when I beloned to Packard
Club, I'm watching to see what happens... but still looking.

Always have loved Packards, a car of true class in every respect.

Tech- - FUEL / EVAP canister hoses??
« on: November 10, 2009, 03:34:09 AM »
Got my new tank in, but there is a difference in the hoses that go to
the "junction box" that's mounted in the car just forward and above the
tank... the one that came with the tank has somewhat different
fittings, configuration, and hose diameters than the one that is on the
car.  The new tank was for a '73
Imp, but it itself is the same. And Spectra makes only one tank for all
69 to 73 C Bodies.  Will get some pics today to better illustrate
what I mean...

firedome2009-11-10 08:35:36

Tech- -BODY / Pulling rear glass on a FL
« on: November 09, 2009, 05:54:11 AM »
Anyone ever pull rear glass on a ForwardLook? The problem is NO one
makes the gasket, so the existing one has to be re-used. Also FL 4 dr
hardtop glass and stainless is almost irreplaceable.  I need to
pull mine to fix the rear channel right, but no glass shop here will
even touch it... an' I'm a-feared to.


General Tech / Hydraulic jack oil?
« on: November 08, 2009, 03:01:24 AM »
One a my floor jacks needs a top off - what's the right oil to use? The
man-u-el just says use hydraulic oil... I guess whatever's added has to
be compatible with what's in there... knowin the Chinee, it's probably
some kinda fish oil or sumpthin. 

Tech- -BODY / '58 'sweep - under the rug no more!!
« on: November 01, 2009, 04:00:32 AM »

FINALLY, after 6 months of waiting and frustration! Tomorrow the Sweep
is going to get started on body rejuvenation!!!!  An old family
friend worked at Miller Dodge dealer body shop for 30 yrs, retired but
still does work in his complete home shop. Ironically, his name is
Hemmy, short for Hemenway, and he's hard to get.  He was supposed
to start back in APRIL, but a '58 Corvette took him way longer than it
was supposed to - I told him get that POS out of there so he could work
on a REAL car... and now he''s ready.  Here's a pic of DeSi on the
way to storage this time last year - the same tow guy will be taking it
out of storage and about 20 miles tomorrow to Port Crane. When the
metal patch fabrication is done, I'm going to lead it, filler-prime,
and final paint will probably be farmed out as I'm too picky to do it
myself, I'd never be satisfied - colors:  1961 Plymouth
Lavender Metallic, with Arctic White top and side spear  
firedome2009-11-01 09:25:49

Tech- - STEERING WHEELS AND SUSPENSION / Pickup wheels on C-body cars?
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:06:33 AM »
Would 1/2 ton p/u wheels work on a C body,  specifically '71 F3? I
know they were mostly 15", at least on my old '79 Dodge p/u.  A
local yard has a ton of 70s/80s Mopar p/ups.  

Tech- - FUEL / Carter vs Rochester
« on: October 27, 2009, 07:18:39 AM »
I was kinda surprised when I first looked at the F3 to find that under
the 318's air cleaner lurked not a Carter BBD as I expected but a
Rochester 2GV, which I found was std on 318s with A/C and AT.  I
want to keep it 2 bbl, because I like the simplicity and emphasis on
torque, and I drive like the geezer that I am, anyhow. So are there any
+ or - with one or the other carb? I've had pretty good experiences
with the Roch 2 bbl on a '73 Olds 88 350 I had once - that car ran
great and trouble free - (at least until my wife fried the 350 Rocket,
but that's another story)!

Tech- - Engine / Freeze Plug replacement
« on: October 27, 2009, 07:06:28 AM »
To the limited extent I can see, there's coolant drops waiting to fall
at the very bottom of the front of the tranny bellhousing, and at the
very rear bottom of the 318 block, just above where the Y pipe comes
together. Beyond that I can't tell until I get it on a lift or high
jackstands. IF it's a rear freeze plug couldn't it be dealt with by
just removing the tranny?  Want to keep it quick & easy as
possible and just get her running... I know that if I pull the whole
shebang out, though maybe ideal,  I'll just get overly involved in
detailing and painting and replacing everything under the sun. Money is
limited and I can't get into more expenditures right now... (my '58 is
going to the body shop for panel work next week)... is it possible to
do all freeze plugs with engine in?

Also how about the timing cover corrosion hole coolant issue, should it
be assumed it'll be bad soon, if not now? How common is that?

Like to put 225/70/15 tires on the F3, it has 215s on the F and 205s on
the R now... the original tire spec was FR75-15, which is either 195 or
205?  I think the stock wheels may be 5 or 5.5", probably too
narrow for 225s.  I'm not looking for high performance, just an
upgrqade in size for regular All Season tires like Goodyear Integrity
or some such - should I upgrade to larger size Mopar stock steel wheels
(I want to run the Fury wheelcovers I have for a stock look) ??

 Also any recommendation for cheap but decent All-Season
tires?  Consumer Reports just did a big tire test and the Kumho
Solus KR21 did well at a low price, but I'd like a US (in name at
least, if not US owned)  tire on my Plymmie... General Altimax,
Dayton Quadra and Cooper Touring and LifeLiner rated sort of mid
pack.  Firestone FR710 rated last. They only tested a limited
number of tires though.

General Tech / A/C/heater Control unit differences
« on: October 16, 2009, 10:32:22 AM »

So the replacement I got for my slightly melted A/C/heater control unit
looks similar, but has some  detail differences, the original has
a metal plate cam that serves to operate a vac unit for temp control
when the lever is adjusted from cold (L side) to Warmer (Right
side).  The replacement has what appears to be a cable controller
- there's a tab off the temp lever unit, and a spring clip cable holder
at the back where the vac unit is on the original. Also the lever - cam
on the replacement activates a switch at the back that the origianl
doesn't have. Is this adaptable, a superceded part, or from a different
Mopar? The front panel looks identical, as do buttons and lever,
overall size the same mounting wise and mounting bolt placement... ???
See pics, you can see where the original
melted on the top of white plastic box part above buttons 3 & 4 in
the last pic. Maybe I can just transplant the white box part? Don't
have a Parts book yet, Sjak is sending me a burned CD of it though!!
What a guy!

firedome2009-10-16 18:17:30

Tech- -BODY / rust proofing underfloors inside garage
« on: October 13, 2009, 05:55:43 AM »

 So when I took the tank off the '71 and brushed off and blew out
all the red clay from under the floors and around the R subframe, in
the R wheel wells, I found there is no real corrsion or cancer, only
very superficial light surface rust with large areas of still tightly
undercoated metal left, but with some residue of red clay in the
"valleys" of the undercoat areas. With the weather being I have to do
the work inside and dry right now, no ability to pressure wash or glass
bead-blast under there, and there's no way it needs blasting anyhow.

So I was thinking  of brush cleaning it with something
non-corroding and relatively innocous and semi-non-volatile like
kerosene and  maybe oil coat it like the VT old timers do? Seems
to work,
I've seen 25 yr old p/u's that look new in a climate w/ 6 mos of salt
on the roads.  Or should I go whole hog and wait for weather to
clean it in a way so that I can use something like DP-40 self etching
primer then paint, or Por 15, or ? I don't want to scrape off the
exsisting undercoat, it is still very tight and has good integrity,
there's no rust underneath it.  I thought I could maybe
just clean and prime the surface rust areas and leave the undercoated
areas pretty much alone?  This car is now, and will be, kept
inside, and will probably never really driven in rain again unless I
get caught out, so
it won't really have to endure any weather anyway.

firedome2009-10-13 11:00:06

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