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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 09, 2011, 02:18:19 PM »
Quote from: POLARACO
Drill out the welds on the clamp and spred it.  Then bolt it back together

I am thinking JUST that... this way i can replace them later. however i need to NOT break the other one and measure the length of depth i can go bc i think they have to be set to a certain height. (sorry took so long to reply, I drive truck so i finally got home tonight)  Once I have the length set, I can put in a metal tube to a height and put it in with a better grade bolt than the one that was in there.
BTW, got the parts in the mail yesterday. Motor Mounts were from PRONTO  and sway bar bushings from Ingalls Engineering.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 06, 2011, 04:03:06 PM »
Quote from: dana44
Question I have is, how does one get the square metal holding the square rubber damper off the swaybar without cutting the thing off and then rewelding after back on the swaybar, unless you have two good linkages on a bar and you replace the whole thing?

you have to take the WHOLE sway bar off and slide them off and then install the new bushings. there is a split down the one side of the bushing so you can squeeze it through. The Sway Bar KIT is included with all the new bushings for linkage AND end of the swaybar that is bolted down. no welding is done, just takes time than to be a simple fix like aftermarket style. But my problem is, i have a broken LINKAGE.  you can tell that the car is higher on my driverside and the passenger side is solid and tight... so when i take a turn one way, it sways. i need a linkage or im gonna be all over the road.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 06, 2011, 12:37:34 PM »
i live on a farm. i got cats and a dog. cats are good to have around.. at my place.. i hardly see any mice. at the farm place, theres tons of mice running around... no cats.
i drive truck during the week... a cat is idea for me bc i dont have to be here to let the cat out to go to the bathroom... plus i do LE work on the weekend. so outdoor dog, i have ONE indoor cat, and a few outside.  
birdman6520012011-11-06 17:40:00

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 06, 2011, 11:10:53 AM »
must be. I have never seen a Linkage like this. I have been with my uncle working on his 1970 Cuda and they were different than what i have.
I just got back from talking to paint guy and another guy to rebuld my carb since its gummed up pretty good and is a blackish coloring on the hull of the carb... so hes gonna rebuild that, and im gonna get the intake off and clean it up and put a new kit in. He says he may have a linkage since he has a 1965 chrysler sitting at his farm place that is way behind repair and says he thinks hes got the same linkage and is gonna try to take it off and give it to me. i offered a price but he wouldnt take it but give it. so we'll see if its the same bc he wasnt sure if it was but thinks it may be the same kind i have.
Paint guy is gonna to paint the outside, and interior  of the door frames and when i do my overhaul, hes gonna paint the engine bay for me.
birdman6520012011-11-06 16:12:23

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 06, 2011, 08:51:02 AM »
okay got pictures... then i got some maybe perhaps some of you can explain what it is and what it does...
I know my power steering is leaking. i found two loose clamps so tightened them up and then filled up the power steering.  
Stability bar linkage.



now to some that i need explaination on....


and i found this car has electric seat... WTF???  i didnt even know it! im telling ya, this car has been in my family for years and i didnt even know he had this car til i he had me drive it in the parade 3 years ago. reason why i bought it bc it drives and runs nice. no clunk when you put it in drive or reverse. it shifts smoothly.

birdman6520012011-11-06 13:53:04

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 07:10:50 PM »
Quote from: POLARACO
Yeah  those are the stabilizer links.  That's what I was talking about.  The kits I used ot get had the bushings in them.  Somewhere around here I have a bunch.

DUDE!! if you got the OEM links somewhere... let me know and i will buy some from you. I know the other one isnt looking good and should replace both of them. til then i can use that til i actually get a NEW bar and aftermarket linkages. but for now, i just want to do a simple fix as i got a kit coming and wanna do the linkage fix and re do the suspension next winter.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 06:43:43 PM »
Quote from: dana44
The broken link you are talking about goes from the swaybar end to a bracket on the lower control arm, right?
If so, it should be a curved washer, a bushing, the swaybar end, a bushing, a curved washer, a steel tube, then curved washer, bushing, lower control arm bracket, bushing, curved washer and a long grade eight bolt going through the whole thing and a nut on the end . There's nothing really special about the bolt, just measure the opposite side and pick it up at the hardware store, most likely around eight inches, then you only have to find a metal tube to fill in between. This is how the aftermarket has been doing it for decades, otherwise the original one can be made from round stock and the ends machined and threaded so a nut fits on each end.

sorry... double reply on this...
but come to think of it.. its not a BOLT that goes up. its a bushing holder with a long bolt going up. no slide through bolt. it has a square bushing, with two smaller round bushing where the nut would hold.  so its a machined link. probably OEM linkage and never been changed. it looks like it has been broke for quite some time.  other side isnt and you can tell when the car sways alot when you turn left, but not right.
I will definately take pictures tmr and then go from there. thats teh best i can do to get this corrected and i dunno what to do to correct this til I overhaul the whole suspension next winter. i just wanna buy all this stuff and have it all paid for and ready for my next winter project. i dotn wanna buy new this and that... and waiting on other stuff. i will want to do it all at once and at a time where im not gonna drive the car, example, winter time.
birdman6520012011-11-05 22:46:59

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 06:37:45 PM »
Quote from: POLARACO
I was sending you to JS for the link assembly.  They had them, I've bought them

i did go there... found the sway bar link bushing site and perhaps maybe you have been buying the MOOG and didnt know it????

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 06:34:32 PM »
okay call me dumb if this is what youre talking about... on the front of the anti sway bar, two links on there are bolted up to the a welded frame which i THINK that is attached to a wall of the fender or control arm, i havent looked closely, then the end of the sway bar goes down to two bars that come from the front to the A-frame.   are we on the same page or different? if not, i can take pictures as its in a garage at the farm.
yes... anything my gpa had that ran, sat inside even in the summer. it was never left outside over night. he had sheds all over the place. even had a 1930 Model A which sold at the auction for $10,000.00.   my Grandpa was a huge chrysler guy.
several chrysler windors, one 4 door and one 2 door
two 1941 Chrysler Royal coupe, one ran and one was a parts car
1959 Chrysper Imperial
1965 Newport
1966 New Yorker (my car now)
1971 Newport
1978 New Yorker
1956 Ford Customline 2 door, ran but needed a person to do a restoration.
several chevy cars that didnt run.
list goes on. even a rare find of a 1935 Ford truck flatbed that still runs! that was shedded as well!
Most of the cars he had needed paint jobs but the only one he kept good paint was 1930 ford and the 41 chrysler.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 05:22:11 PM »
Quote from: POLARACO
Word to thew wise
Watch what you buy from these sites.  A 3 dollar motor mount will not last long.  Made in China.
I never said Just Sus was cheap!  LOL.  I doubt those are Moog though.  Moogs quality has gone in the dumper.  I like to buy quality parts and do the job once.

well if they arent MOOG... then they did a damn good job of taking the SAME exact pic of MOOG's bushing set if the one on JustSuspension is different....
EDIT* just looked at my ordered from and its not a MOOG. its Ingalls Engineering Sway Bar Bushing set.
the motor mounts were Westar motor and tranny mounts. good or bad? i know they are cheap, but til i do an actual overhaul, then i will pour money into the suspension since usually on old cars like these, suspension takes a beating.
 heres the LINK to the MOOGs bushing set...
$13.32 for that set.
now heres's bushing set.
$31.11 for the set and same picture as MOOG's.
birdman6520012011-11-05 21:26:53

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 04:54:37 PM »
I just clicked that site, its up but didnt find the Sway bar on there, however i see the Sway bar bushings are the same as MOOG. i got mine from a and they were cheaper, however i see they ripped me off on SHIPPING 14.00 and Handinging 10.00 so a whoping 24.00 on shipping. really? is this really that heavy? come on. the bushing set was 13.00, the motor mounts were from 3.00 each and tranny was 5.00 each. but okay... better than the prices i found on other sites.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 04:49:07 PM »
Im from Central SD as in Winner, SD. My Uncle is in Rapid City and hes got an under going 1970 Cuda still restoration.  Yes I know I got a ways to go to get this suspension under control, for now, Im taking it easy on the the car. I got a guy who does my repaint jobs so hes gonna look at it tmr and give me an estimate, i got a guy gonna do the carb rebuild. Im thinking of replacing the intake to a Holley. I am gonna see what its gonna take for the A/C as well, either convert to R134 or keep it original style as R12 is gonna fade away and can not get it anymore.  All windows go up and down, my Antenna goes up and down. My grandpa had the seats vinyled cover at one point. I dunno who did it but they did an excellent job making it look like it was the actual seat covering although the original seat you can see is the arm rest. i got a ways to go, a sending unit is not working for the fuel guage. I can NOT find the Trip Reset button for the Tripmeter. pls help me. whats the black deal on my dash on the driver side, its got a day/night or day/evening deal switch???  the Light switch is shorting out so i got a new switch coming.  Im having this car for the rest of my life, so im in no hurry for it but i do want it done eventually when my kid gets older, go for a nice drive and turn heads with a stunning looking car.
we still have a 1959 Chrysler Imperial still for sale if anyone is interested. it runs, just has a clogged fuel line somewhere. pour gas in it and it'll run for 3-5 mins and then quit.  I have pictures if anyone is interested in seeing this car.
a 1941 Chrysler Royal Fluid Drive we had for sale but just got sold. I will call and i will need this stuff. I assume then to get a whole new sway bar to fix this??? should i do the rear sway bar as well?

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Newbie here....
« on: November 05, 2011, 03:50:47 PM »
Hi, Newbie from South Dakota. I want to start off that I bought my Grandpa's 1966 Chrysler New Yorker at my Grandpa's Estate Auction. This is a car my mother grew up in and I bought it to keep it in my family. Some dude was wanting it for a Derby car. its too nice and history i have with it to be sold to get smashed up.
here's some photos. this is gonna be my BEFORE picture. I got plans to restore this car and make it look brand new ( I hope ) and keep it for the next 20-30 years if I live that long.





I got several things ordered to fix here and there, Sway Bar bushings, Motor mounts and tranny mounts.
I got a few questions, I need Sway bar Links... i cant seem to find it. is it included in a Sway bar bushings kit? I ordered a kit and its from Ingalls Engineering and looks like the bushings for it, however, I have one broke LINK that i need replace. What or where can I find a Link or is there a better way to replace this? I see theres some U mount kind of Links I probably could use that would work, but I kinda wanna keep it like its a Factory built rather than adding aftermarket stuff other than bushings I know I can't get OEM on or any other OEM parts.
On someone's picture in this post from a Google search, I seen they totally replaced the link and re did the structures and used a bolt instead of a OEM link style. any help or answer would be nice. thanks and I hope to be on this site as much as I can when Im home.
birdman6520012011-11-05 22:54:34

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