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Site Questions and Announcements / Thanks to all you guys.
« on: July 09, 2009, 06:44:57 AM »
That is AWESOME news!

Steve - You cant be sick (I will pray for you)...stop looking at all those pictures (like in the Bump Thread) and your heart will stop acting up...

Thanks for voting guys!
I just wanted t wish everyone a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!
Please take a moment to thank a veteran for what they have sacrificed for our freedom...

Yeah, if you read mine I think it says secret squirrel...which is absolutely true, LOL

LOL, I cheated on that test...I looked at his profile.

Thanks! I am happy to help!

Thanks for the welcome(s)!
Who's bright idea was it to make people work on Sunday? I guess it is alright, I get off early today to go to the truck pulls! I am pretty excited...
I hope everyone has a great day!

Thanks Jessica! I am sure you look amazing!

Thank You for your vote and for the welcome...

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for the welcome!
A little more about me, I am a feisty, 30 year old, happily married, mother of two (ages 12 and 9) who loves off-road stuff! My family enjoys going snowmobiling, mudding, rock crawling, trail riding, and we love truck pulls.
I also grew up at the race track (1/2 mile, circle track) with my family who raced stock cars for years...I am not exactly a gear head but I have spent plenty of time in and around the garage!
So as far as this beauty contest is concerned, a Diesel Truck Parts company in Orange County California, OC Diesel, placed a couple of adds in some diesel magazines and I happened to read it at the beginning of February. They said they were looking for an Amateur to represent the "softer side of diesel", its called: Boostbunny 2009.
This contest started out with everyday girl next door type of women as the contestants...which I am (I was the 8th person to register...). Then all of a a ton of professional models signed up! They opened up the flood gates on MySpace and now there are over 430 women entered! A lot of them don't even know what kind of truck they like! The majority of the contestants are drop dead gorgeous and their photos are airbrushed to perfection! Well, mine were taken either by a friend or a photographer that took some pictures of me on my husbands quad (I stole it without his knowledge and had some pics taken for a wedding gift, yeah he was surprised!). I really want to win this thing and show them that a natural, AMATURE...mother of two can be pretty and also represent there products with knowledge, poise and endless determination!
Now that I have written a book...thanks again for welcoming me to your community and if you get a chance, please vote for me! Just click the link in my signature! It allows one vote per day, per IP address.

Oh, here are a couple of pictures:





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