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How do I remove the steering wheel cover without inflincting more damage to it?


Tech- - Engine / oil pan question
« on: May 02, 2008, 01:44:18 PM »
So the Imperials 440 is gonna move into the Fury someday, and the Imperial is going to get another 440.

Will the 73 Imperials pan fit the 71 Fury?

Are there performance pans available that will fit the Imperial?

Tech- - ELECTRICAL / flasher unit on 73 Imperial
« on: April 26, 2008, 12:56:18 PM »
its broke and I cant find it  where is it usually hidden on 73 cars?

General Mopar Discussions / I had a good laugh at the gas station
« on: April 23, 2008, 01:06:08 PM »

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / 71 sport fury
« on: October 05, 2007, 05:24:21 AM »
We bought this car during the summer, with the idea of possibly driving it during my holiday. To my dismay, I discovered that bureaucracy is not something exclusive in Holland but also exists in the USA, the morons at the BMV wouldnt give me temporary tags for te car  but we shipped it anyway
Its not really my kind of car (no power windows, not enough doors, pretty small) but its quite OK still, its a full size mopar after all
Besides, it has some little spots, and the interior needs some attention. Its a 383 4 barrel car. After the purchase, I had it towed to a mechanic my friend in Ohio recommended, and some necessary work to make it road-ready was already done. New windshield, gas tank cleaned and redcoated, new fuel lines, idler arm replaced, one tyre replaced, etc. I've seen the car myself during my holiday, and everything seemed to work, except the AC.
Lets hope that it survived the journey pretty well.... first project will be to make it street legal, so have to make it ready for road admission test. If we decide its a keeper, it'll get a propane conversion as well.
A few pics from the car:



Sjak Brak2007-10-05 10:30:15

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / The Brakmobile
« on: September 21, 2007, 07:12:47 AM »
My car is a 1973 Imperial LeBaron 4 door hardtop. Its supposed to be a (more or less) rolling project. The engine was rebuilt some 20.000miles ago (the car was not mine at that time) and is running smooth. I bought it in June 2005.
Its a lot of fun to drive this huge luxusaurus in Holland (where I live), its scaring for other traffic
So far, I did the following to the car, the very short version (some stuff caused a lot of headache, like the brakes, non-AC conversion, and making the carby fit):
- rebuilt PS pump + new hoses
- rebuilt the propane convertor
- new high performance probane carb (it was a lot of work to find all parts to make it fit under the hood)
- Edelbrock Performer intake
- MSD Probiller dizzy + MSD 6AL box + MSD Blaster SS coil + MSD adjustable timing control
- new aircleaner casing (dual snorkel, adapted to fit the propane carb)
- removed all emissions-cfrap. AC stuff and other non-funtional underhood components (a.o. alarm)
- finding & mounting new pulleys and brackets for crank/PS/waterpump/alternator for a non-AC-configuration
- removed almost all gasoline parts (the tanks still there, will be dropped soon)
- hi-torque starter
- rewired part of the engine bay
- blocked of heatriser crossover in the intake and removed heatriser valve from the exhaust
- rebuilt front disc calipers
- new master brake cilinder and new power brake booster
- new stuff in rear brakes
A big help is that I got a 1973 Imperial parts car, which has proved invaluable, not only for the parts I already used, but the dismantling of a similar car is very ineresting to learn how stuff works on the Brakmobile.
I am now facing a tranny rebuild (more on that will follow), and I purchased a set of 915 heads with NEW 1.81 exhaust and 2.14 intake stainless steel Manley valves for only 300 euros (US$ 420!!). The car still has the very sad 8.2 compression ratio combined with a broomstick-camshaft. With a thinner headgasket and the 915's, it will get to approx. 9:1. I still can go a lot higher, but the crankcase/rods/etc are in such a good (almost new) condition that its a waste to tear it apart again. The heads still need to be reworked, it will need larger valve seats and hardened exhaust valve seats (the combustion temperature of propane is a lot higher than on gasoline).
I'll post some pics later on.

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