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Tech- - Engine / 361
« on: August 30, 2009, 12:15:17 PM »
I know on my 1965 361, the drivers side engine mount bolts to the front of the block.

How hard is it to have the front of another block tapped for that mount. or does the 361 have extra metal for the bolt holes?

General Tech / K-Member
« on: August 30, 2009, 05:00:42 AM »
Does anyone know if they made a tube K-member for the C's like the A/B/E body cars?

General Mopar Discussions / Brake issues
« on: May 10, 2009, 04:34:24 AM »
Yesterday I was driving Eilleen ( the 65 Windsor) and when I came to a corner the brake pedal jumped down a bit..

Then a few miles down the road I smelled brake.. When I got home the left rear drum was CRAZY hot..

I'm wondering if this sounds like a wheel cylinder that let go or maybe a return spring..

Do they still make drums for these cars?


General Mopar Discussions / Question
« on: April 10, 2009, 04:23:59 PM »
Will B-body headers fit my 65 C body?

General Mopar Discussions / Fuel Injection
« on: April 09, 2009, 02:22:35 AM »
I've always been interested in fuel injection, then I cam across this a few years ago..

I've been thinking, I would like the old 65 to go this way in a while.. anyone ever had any experience with mega squirt?

Some like a fun experiment for the ole 361...

Tech- - Engine / Intakes
« on: April 05, 2009, 05:09:27 AM »
Dual Plane versus Single Plane..

OK.. on my 361 I have an M-1 dual plane intake. To me it looks like it is basically an aluminum version of the 383 magnum intake.

On my drag car it made a three tenths improvement at the strip over the 383 magnum 4 hole intake and the open Thermoqaud intake. So I thought it would work great on the heavy Windsor.

I also have a single plane M-1 Intake. It made the same ET at the track but was 3 1/3 mph faster.

My question is...

Should I try the single plane on the Windsor and do you think it would help MPG or Power? I get 16.5 MPG right now with the Windsor with 2.76 gears.

The 361 in my Windsor has a 383 Magnum cam and Open Chamber heads as the only modifications.

General Mopar Discussions / Fuel Tank
« on: March 24, 2009, 02:54:46 AM »
POLARACO2009-03-24 11:58:13

General BS and Laughs / What I have been doing
« on: March 13, 2009, 04:10:38 PM »
Well .. I have been working on this years mower.. that's why I haven't been on the board much..

I crashed and destroyed last years mower so I have been working hard to build a new one..

No Mopar parts in it..  But it will be painted like Richard Petty Charger.. Petty blue and STP red...

I thought I would share it with you guys..

I guess this makes me a full blown redneck. 

This is my WOO supermodified for the 2009 racing season

This is the making of the frame that goes inside the stock frame..

Seat Support.

Side view of the steering and the dash board

This is after the fenders where extended and some of the holes were filled with steel

Hood mounted.

This is where the primary and secondary chains meet. I had a machine shop make this piece to join  W and X weld on sprocket together.

This is how it's mounted on the chassis.

This is the steering. It would have been too difficult to go over the engine, and since I wanted a specific angle on the steering wheel, this is what I came up with.

The fuel tank mounted.

This is the making of the headers.

This just shows the wheels turned to show the Ackerman is incorporated into the steering design.

This will be the finished color. Petty Blue.

The first time the mower has been outside.

Battery mount is done.. there will be a hoop bumper behind it to keep it from being hit..

I have the primary and secondary chains on.. and finished the tensioners.

I still have to make the bumper for the back

The hood scoop was made by cutting two strips and shortening the side piece from a Ford Lawn Tractor and welding them back together. If someone says it isn't a tractor piece I can say... it really came from one..

Here's a shot before I started making the chain guards.

General Tech / 4 speed conversion
« on: March 10, 2009, 03:24:20 PM »
Has anyone done a 4 speed conversion on their C.. Will any other bodies pedals work or are the C's ?

General Mopar Discussions / Mileage out of the RV
« on: March 08, 2009, 05:03:29 AM »
Hi guys, it's been a while.. working on the Racing Mower again.. I wrecked last years mower in  the last race of the year, so I had to build a new one.

Anyways... I bought this last year..

It has a 360, with a thermoquad, dana 60 with 4.10 gears.

This issue is the mileage.  It gets 11.5 MPG.  I shouldn't expect anything great but this is what I'm thinking of doing to help mileage.

Newer intake something like a Edelbrock highrise dual plane. or adding a carb spacer. Something to help the bottom end. Maybe switching the Thermoquad for a newer Edelbrock /Carter AVS carb.

Adding headers.

Dual exhaust.

Recurved Distributor.

Do you think any of these changes will help?

Also.. after it gets hot, the oil like flickers at idle. I'm wondering if I install a high volume pump this might help the oil pressure issue. The engine has 130 000 miles on it.

General Mopar Discussions / Looking for
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:54:30 PM »
My step father restored his 1971 Dodge Pick-up a few years ago.. and is now swapping in a 1969 318 in place of the slant six.

He needs a 1970-1972 318 2 barrel intake. He says he runs the newer water pump and that he needs to new intake so he can put on the bypass hose...

I live in Southern Ontario Canada.

If you can help let me know...

General Mopar Discussions / Another mopar
« on: August 24, 2008, 05:07:07 PM »
Because ole Vin Diesel (my 1990 Dodge Cummins) decided to puke the fuel pump... I went looking for an RV for the family to come to the races with me..

I found this little beauty (actually quite ugly) 1979 Dodge 3/4 RV.. 360 , thermoquad,  dana 60.... nice piece...

Inside the cabinets you can still see the green shag carpet

Tech- - DRIVE TRAIN / Rear Sway Bar
« on: July 23, 2008, 06:14:20 AM »
Is there a good source you guys know of for a rear sway bar.. Mine never came with one but I would love to take some of the "lean" out of "Eileen"...

Tech- - ELECTRICAL / Turn signals on the fenders
« on: June 17, 2008, 04:51:13 PM »
How the heck can you change the bulbs in the little lights on the fenders.. I want to get the signals up there working again.. but I can't see how to get them opne or even off on my 1965 Windsor...

General BS and Laughs / What I've been doing
« on: June 17, 2008, 07:48:49 AM »
I haven't had much time to run ole Blue around Southern Ontario as I have been busy with this lawnmower racing deal...

So to let you boys know I'm still around I thought I would post a video showing my tractor in qualifying last weekend...

I hope everyone is well.. and now that the tractor is done I can spend more time with the old Chrysler cruising the highway... I have put maybe 500 miles on it all year... certainly not enough for my liking....

Here's the video..

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