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Tech- - DRIVE TRAIN / A-488 Torqueflite trans. question
« on: June 04, 2008, 01:33:05 PM »
OH, to why I did not rebuild my own trannies....I had to keep a fleet of JD "G" tractors going in 7 counties and 3 of our dairy farms producing retail milk for my Mom to sell. Had very very little free time.and that was used trying to have fun w/ my cars...(had 53 and 57 Lincoln converts before Chryslers) Buick roadmaster hdtp, and olds 98 holiday hdtp.......Have owned 37 cars to date and that was count up to 6 years ago. Have owned 104 JD 2 cyl. tractors and restored 32 of them!
Interesting note....1947 JD "G" had 2 cylinders 413 Cu.In engine and 38 garage at same time was a Chrysler w/ 413 Cu.In. and 375 HP..........FUNNY!!
Once saw a JD "G" in Auburn,NY in 70's w/ a special manifold and Carter AFB 4 Bbl. carb.....dyno'd at 80hp!..cubes need fuel & Air and breathing...huh?

Tech- - DRIVE TRAIN / A-488 Torqueflite trans. question
« on: June 04, 2008, 01:19:56 PM »
Hi Steverino.......Bad trannies on DeSoto were signaled by 10 MPH trip back to farm......usually from 25+ miles away. One time had more speed in reverse than ANY 1-2-DR button......did that when was only 2 miles from house. I paid $800.00 for that 57 adventurer, put only 8000 miles on it....(low-milage..........always in shop!) Best rides in the DeS were to Rochester, NY on the NY Thruway from Syr. to Rochester on Friday nites to go get Rochester Red Hots and get buddies back safely. (usually did that 65 mile 2-way trip, get the dogs, in 90 minutes).....did it once in 72 minutes!!! .....the guys timed me and helped me throw out the T-Way toll card....(had to pay 5 bucks for all T-way, but no speed checks!)..........(never used the record player...dealers had no records!..dah! always had lots water on gold carpet in the deep floor wells)......if hardtops leaked..imagine a ragtop connection?
So trannies on the "C" and the Adventurer were the same in 57 right?

Tech- - DRIVE TRAIN / A-488 Torqueflite trans. question
« on: June 04, 2008, 10:12:03 AM »
Hi Fellas and ? here today!..looks like a fun site. One of the reasons I joined today was to try and get an answer to a question on my mind for almost 45 years. Patience??........(I waited 2 years for a 300-G back in early 60s!!!.) and that is part of the reason for my question. Everything I have researched tells me that my '57 Desoto Adventurer Convertible w/35,000 miles on it had the same torqueflite tranny as my buddie's '57 300-C w/ 30,000 miles on it. He beat the hell out of that "C" with no problem EVER!!...I babied my Adventurer and had 4 tranny's in it in less than 22 months. (all rebuilt??... by different shops)....can any MOPAR Garu here give me a clue?.......Cars were in Syracuse,NY at time....and my buddy even did this to his "C" one nite.....backed down out of a friends driveway onto city street going about 25 in rev......punched the DR.1 button and stompped the gas all-the-way down. Car did not move!! ...but clouds and clouds of smoke were coming in my passenger window!!........this continued for about 2 minutes and then we s t a r t e d to crawlllll..........3 blocks later was a stop sign and speedo was reading 135 MPH still burning on one side!.......that "patch of rubber was measured the next day and 2 tracks were over 500 feet long and one went over 3 blocks!!..........the whole street lite up as houses were wondering what to hell was going on........we turned at stop light and cruised down to center of town and got out and walked to the drinking fountain on square. At that exact moment the chief of police came up to my buddy and said,"Every S.O.B. on Elm, Walnut, and Oak Streets is calling about a nut, out on their streets".....(it was about 12:30 A.M.)............we looked blankly at each other? ...while the chief continued,"There is only one car in this town that can do that poop.........and if I can catch you doing it again?".....
"There will be hell to pay!" hahaha...........2 years later HE was directing traffic when I let my Mother drive my "G" thru town ..and he hurridly waved her thru the intersection...she forgot herself and punched it....she waved to the chief as she left him 2 streaks of rubber 9 inches wide at his feet!!!.......what times we had with our "Banker Hotrods"......hell, I was a young farmer and my "C" buddy painted houses!!
Sure would like answer to the tranny ?.........My Dad was convinced that Desoto meant : Chrysler engine mounted to a plymouth transmission!!!
He was all smiles the day they delivered my 300-G!!!.....(Oh, I got a little less in trade for the Adventurer than Richard Carpenter got for his.....I got 800 bucks trade and was tickled then!)

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