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Quote from: POLARACO
He should have a complete link kit though.
Yeah, but they're not the proper diameter and they're only for the front.

This HD front sway bar from the doner 1979 300 is proving to be IMPOSSIBLE to find the right bushing for.  It is 1 1/8" (29mm) in diameter.  All the B-body bushing kits only go up to 15/16" (24mm).  I called a good local suspension shop and inquired about drilling out the bushing center hole.  They said, "We don't like the idea of it - and we've never done it on poly before."  And they have a drill press and I don't - so I don't like the idea of me doing that, either.

Energy DOES have a factory style bushing for a 1 1/8" bar.....but it's for the FMJ Mopars - and their bushings are circular wheras the B-bdy bushings are square w/ a ridge on one end.

I'm about ready to say "Eff it" and do what Dana44 said.  At least I know I can find generic 1 1/8" and 3/4" poly bushings from Energy.

Quote from: POLARACO
Did Luke ask about me?  I haven't called them in a while.
Yeah.  He wanted to know why you skipped town after borrowing $20 from him.  I think he's still pissed. 


Quote from: Snotty
I hate to suggest it, because Steve hates them so, but PST has them too.
Sorry, but both PST and Justsuspension came up blank.  Luke was really nice (thanks for the referral Steve), but he said they sold out of that style a while ago and he doesn't know of anyone that makes it.  PST had a guy look at the images - but they carry the same stuff everyone else carries.  Which means they don't carry that center, square bushing.

McQuay-Norris also used to make that square bushing, too.....but that was ages ago and they don't stock/make it anymore.

The search goes on..... 
.....though I am running out of time.  I may just have to get some custom work done.

Well, after combing through catalogs and other mfgs websites, I've concluded that no one makes those square bushings anymore. 

However, there is an extortionist on ebay that has EXACTLY what I need:

But $75 + $8 S/H??  I don't care if it is NOS - that's nuts.  It's not even poly....

So I have two options:  Modify the factory rear sway bar link by cutting off the bracket and welding a flat piece of metal w/ 2 blot holes to the shaft so I can accommodate a generic 3/4" bushing like this (minus the zerk fitting):

Or cave in and buy the $75 bushing set.

I'm inclined to modify the link to accept the universal bushing.  It'll be more $$ upfront, but at least the link will be servicable from now on.


Quote from: Polaraco
Did you try Justsupension?
Quote from: dana44
That's right, go with the size/dimensions vice application. If I could find kinpins for ah 39 Nash using dimensions vice application, chances are you can find the ones you need.
I did look at their website earlier when I was trying Energy Suspensions, FirmFeel, Kanter, and all the other usual suspects, but I didn't see anything listed from them after typing in my car's make, model, and year in their online catalog.  Maybe they have a "hidden room in the back" online, I dunno, but I'll try them again.  Thanks.


Quote from: Snotty
I have a similar link on my '70 front sway bar.  I was able to get the bushing, but had to cut out the old one, as well as the weld on that bracket to put it on.  I drilled holes into the bracket before I cut it so that I could line them back up with bolts.  I cut right done the weld center with a grinder wheel.  Actually, with 6 of them - that metal is tough!  It did/does the job.
Yeah, I had to take it to a machine shop to drill out the fusion weld and split the top and bottom brackets.  I don't have the set-up for something like that now that my air-compressor is broken.  But at least I'll be able to service the link from here on.

When last I posted I was on the hunt for F & R sway bars assembly bushings.  I was able to find replacement poly bushings for everything except for the center bushing on the rear sway bar link:

It's got a 19mm (3/4") hole and measures approx 1 5/8" L & W.  It's about 1 1/2" thick.  The part that's contained within the bracket is thinner/smaller - about 1 3/8" L & W and 1" thick.

I was hoping to find this in polyurethane, but at this point I'll settle for rubber.  If I can't find it soon, I'm thinking of going to a machine shop and having a new link fabricated that will accept a generic poly bushing and clamp.  Since that'll be really $$$$, I'm hoping to try this one last time with you guys.

Any leads/ideas?

General Tech / Ticking speedo cable
« on: April 16, 2011, 07:28:34 AM »
It's driving me nuts:  *tick *tick *tick

And at 60mph: *tickatickatickatickatickaticka

Clearly it's the cable rubbing against the outer sleeve.  The speedo needle jumps back and forth a lot because of it, too.  So what's the fix for this?  After taking out the speedo do I just quirt WD40 or something similar down the shaft and let it work it's way through the cable housing.....or does it mean there's a kink somewhere and the only thing to do is replace it?

Tech- -BODY / POR 15
« on: April 15, 2011, 03:30:24 PM »

Quote from: POLARACO
Yeah i know the label telling the color leave much to be desired.
I looked at the can again today.  Just above the barcode (on the back) is the text "silver" in a plain-jane, normal-sized font.  That's it - and there's nothing on the front.  If you didn't know to look for it there, you'd never see it.

Quote from: POLARACO
Personally, I think the stuff is way over rated
It's certainly overpriced.  Well, I'm in the middle of this mess, so no way to stop now.  What brands do you use for this sort of work?

Tech- -BODY / POR 15
« on: April 14, 2011, 07:46:38 PM »
Are you kidding me????  After spending $30 on a tiny little can of POR15 - and waiting 4 HOURS for each stupid coat to dry.....I now have to spend God-knows how much for POR primer and paint it TWO MORE TIMES?????    

Tech- - STEERING WHEELS AND SUSPENSION / Sapphire: the wheel deal
« on: April 14, 2011, 05:21:45 PM »
Sweeeeet!  Some days you geet tha bar, some days tha bar geets you.

Looks like you got "tha bar" today, Roger.  Well done.

Tech- -BODY / POR 15
« on: April 14, 2011, 05:20:01 PM »
Today I used POR15 for the first time ever on some suspension parts I'm restoring and I learned something....


Why have I always thought it was black?

So.....I obviously can't have a 2-tone suspension (or CAN I???).    Do I paint over the POR15 with black paint?  Is that how this works?  What have you guys done?

Tech- - STEERING WHEELS AND SUSPENSION / F & R anti-sway bushing kits?
« on: April 08, 2011, 10:13:53 AM »
Anyone recommend a good set of bushings for the front and rear anti-sway bars on a '79 New Yorker?  By "good" I mean super durable.

I have both bars and the mount for the rear sway bar.....but I don't have any of the bushing kits.  There seem to be a million of them out there and people's online opinions don't help much:

"I like Moog.  They're great!"
"$#$@ Moog.  Nothing but junk!"

So, uh, what do you guys like?

Tech- - ELECTRICAL / Last parts question: Wires and plugs?
« on: March 23, 2011, 11:00:31 PM »

Quote from: firedome
For me plugs = NGK only, from my years of
experience every summer working on 2 stroke outboards which are way
harder on plugs than any car. NGK was the ONLY brand that consistently
lasted in them.
Okay, Roger, I'm sold.  So which NGK type?  Any, or only the high-end lines? ("Iridium"?  Really?)

Tech- - ELECTRICAL / Last parts question: Wires and plugs?
« on: March 23, 2011, 10:57:12 PM »
Well, I gotta get the wires first before I can start worrying about the big bad man telling me my ignition system isn't stock.  :P

Which reminds me.....I found this spark plug wire "manifesto" the other day.  Apparently, it's seen as "gospel" by commenters around the web, even though it was written by a parts manufacturer.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Because, apparently, low wire resistance is not only meaningless, too little of it is BAD (be warned, it's a long read):

Tech- - ELECTRICAL / Last parts question: Wires and plugs?
« on: March 23, 2011, 09:36:27 AM »

Quote from: POLARACO
Summit Racing has the exact same ignition system as the orange box in their own lable for about $35 less.
I did not know that.  However, I got my sealed mopar orange box kit on ebay, after some careful hunting, for about $20 less than the Summit price.  Sometimes the internet really can come through.  Like [someone] once said, "I'd rather be lucky than good."

Quote from: dana44
... removing the wiring from the wiring harness is a pain, there are sensors and junk all over the place, and hopefully you have a single field wire alternator, but if you have a double field, I will tell how to make it work. Recommend a wiring diagram so you can see all the stuff you can take off and bypass all the unnecessary wiring/sensors.....
Jeebus, Ed, you're scaring the you-know-what out of me.  I understood, literally, none of what you just wrote.  Was that even English? 

Isn't the leanburn-to-electronic ignition swap supposed to be EASY?  I'm not a "wires" guy - I've never even soldered before - so I'm a bit nervy about doing this, as is.

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