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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Welcome Unca Hulca
« on: April 21, 2008, 02:03:45 AM »
Wow, you folks really know how to make a guy feel welcome! Friendly group, no doubt.

Yes, the Delmont is a cool ride and it's decent on fuel as well. However, I may be letting her go soon to help fund the Sport Fury project and the Delta project. As my wife astutely pointed out: " How many Dark Green, 1968, full-size, convertibles do you really need?"

Kind of a tough point to argue.

I'll probably be selling the '57 as well. A local guy as been asking me about it for awhile now, but I won't sell it to him. Nice guy and all, but he wants to make a Hot Rod out of it. Sorry, but this car has made it 50 years without being modified. I can't let that happen now. Except for some tune-up items, this car is still all original! Seems like every '57 I see around here is either souped-up or bastardized. I believe it's special and if I have to hold on to it to keep it that way, so be it.

I have to learn how to upload pictures so I can show you folks the SF! There are some really cool cars on this site, I gotta say. Really cool.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! / Welcome Unca Hulca
« on: April 20, 2008, 10:07:15 AM »
Hi Everybody!!!

Where to start.......How about Cars! I just love 'em!! I was heavily involved in the car hobby way back in the early '80's. Now don't hold this against me, but I was mostly a GM guy, BUT I was a GM guy with a soft spot and a lot of respect for mopars. Yes, I did the whole Chevelle SS/Camaro/Impala/GTO/4-4-2 thing and I loved 'em all. Now keep in mind, this was back when musclecars were affordable by regular non-independently wealthy folks like us.

Although the GM cars were lower priced, I managed to get a hold of some classic Mopar iron too. I had a '68 Road Runner Hardtop, a '68 Road Runner Post, and a '69 GTX. These were fun cars!

I moved away from cars for awhile and got into collecting and repairing old tube radios from the 30's. That was fun also, but after awhile, I missed the power of internal combustion engines. So, I sold my last musclecar (1969 4-4-2 convertible) and bought a MiracleTruss Steel Building kit. I also sold all my radios (100+), test and repair equipment, 3,000+ tubes and used that money to pay for a monolithic slab foundation. My father and I spent the next few months (week-ends only) assembling my workshop/storage facility for my latest hobby/obsession.....Antique Farm Tractors! Power without speed!

Then it happened. I got bit by the car bug again! It started when I found an original, one-owner, rust-free 1968 Oldsmobile Delmont convertible for a really reasonable price. Don't feel bad if you've never heard of the Delmont; it was only built for two model years ('67-'68) and was an interim model between the Dynamic 88 and the Delta 88. I snapped it up and was lovin' it! It felt so good to be back home in an old car again. The engine was a perfectly running well maintained 350 w/2BBL, but I didn't least not for a year.

I then found an all-original, unrestored 1957 Chevy Bel Air 2-door sedan with factory power pack!  I had always thought the '57's were just awesome looking cars, so I sold the 1958 John Deer 820 Black Dash I had just spent a year restoring and my 1949 Farmall MD and bought the '57.

But I wasn't done yet (do you all see what a sickness this car hobby is?).

I then got wind of another really rare Oldsmobile. A 1969 Delta 88 2-door Custom. Not what you would call a rare model in and of itself. BUT the original owner ordered it with the B07 Police Apprehender and Pursuit Package (ultra heavy duty suspension and handling components). He also specified the L32 39HP 455 engine! This is the same engine used in the '68-'69 Hurst/Olds. What a neat car!!! I got it from the estate of the original owner, an officer in the Navy, and astonishingly, he kept a detailed log book of everything about this car from the day he picked it up (July 3, 1969) until his last entry before his death in 1991. Every gallon of gas (including odometer readings and gas brand), every quart of oil, EVERYTHING!!! The car was well preserved for, since it spent the last 16 years under a tarp in an old barn.

Add another car to the collection.

Then I found the Sport Fury Convertible that, as I have sworn to my wife, is the last car.

It's a 1968 with the original 440HP (L-code VIN). Needs some work, but it will get whatever she needs and a whole lot of love.

I've gone into WAY too much detail. Thought you folks, should know the real me.

Glad to be here!

Uncle Hulka

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