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Tech- - Engine / HELP!!! Problem after Ignition Conversion!
« on: June 03, 2008, 04:17:16 PM »
I have a 1968 Sport Fury convertible. The engine is a 440 HP (original and stock). I purchased the MOPAR Electronic Ignition conversion kit to eliminate points once and for all. Kit included a distributor, an ECU (orange) and a new ballast resistor. I also replaced the mechanical voltage regulator with a electronic one (stock appearance, Thanks FuryGT!!!).

Installation went without a hitch. set the timing to 5 degrees BTDC and total advance is 38 degrees. Just what it should be according to the included manual.

The problem? At high RPM's, the engine starts to shudder and misfire. Quick revs cause a backfire (scratch one muffler. One left). Hmmnnn. I replace the plugs (.040 Gap) and install new plug wires. No change

OK, my carb (original AVS) had been pretty mistreated in its earlier life and must've been dropped at least once. I have an intermittent fuel leak (drip) at the pass-side end of the secondary butterfly shaft. After engine shut-off, I look down into the secondaries and see puddles of fuel on the secondary butterfly and ripples from a fuel drip.  
Disassembly reveals fuel in areas where it shouldn't be and a slightly bent fuel metering rod.

A friend lends me a brand new edelbrock "AVS" carb. After install, still has a high rpm shudder. Hmmnnnn.

I then read an article discussing the benefits of the electronic ignition conversion I have performed. At the end of the article, it suggests replacing the coil. the reasoning is that while it may function well with point-type ignition, it may not handle electronic ignition and could cause "misfire or worse". Eureka!!! That has to be it! I run to to my local speed shop (20 miles away) and buy a Accel super stock coil. While there, I also buy a Edelbrock Performer Series carb; a model made as a direct replacement for my engine.

I get home and quickly install the new coil. I start the engine and after the engine reaches operating temp, I slowly increase the rpm's and ........................


This symptom may or may not have existed prior to conversion as I have not driven the car outside of the occasional blast a couple hundred yards on my street.

BTW, those rare occasions on the street always ended the same; a full throttle run for a couple hundred feet and when I let off the throttle, the engine would stall. Everytime! I chalked this up to the carb. Maybe I was wrong?

I am out of ideas. I need some wisdom, gang.

Uncle Hulka

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