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Tech- -BODY / Found a source for some C Panels
« on: July 29, 2010, 08:08:30 PM »
Hey Guys, This 59 Dodge I'm working on has rotted rockers, part of the floor and trunk and various other places. I bought a 4' x 10' sheet of 18 ga. took it to a local fab shop and had him form inner and outer rockers, Wheel well to wheel well, both sides, plus other pieces.  He did a great job of getting curves and bends in the right places.  I'm in to all this for about $200 and have sheet metal left over for other places. I just take a sample with some measurements, he bends it, I take it home, clamp it in place and weld it. I hear all these horror stories and don't why anyone would open themselves up to all that frustration. Its hard enough getting everything lined up again, let alone trying to do it with metal that does'nt fit right. No insult intended to anyone, just passing along some info that is working for me. Hope it will be useful to someone.     Thanks,,,   Jerry

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