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MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / Some vids for the Joisey buyer...
« on: December 28, 2008, 11:04:54 AM »

   Kinda looks like I will be driving the 300 to Joisey in the new year. Here are some vids I sent the buyer earlier today... Wish me luck???

Forgive the black puff o fuel, it was -10

stitcherbob2008-12-28 18:24:20

General Tech / Heater core replacement.
« on: July 15, 2008, 12:18:00 PM »
   Well the heater core is leaking pretty bad in the 66' 300. I discovered this when I went out in the garage this afternoon to retrieve the cell phone the wife got me two weeks ago. Guess where it was? On the passenger side front floor where I left it. Don't have to worry about that thing anymore.
    Anyway, i'm sure I can handle the job but would like to know what i'm getting into. I don't have a factory service manual so does anyone have any tip's or advice on this job? Anybody been there and done that?
   BTW, Car is A/C too...
jimmyray682008-07-15 17:18:39

General Mopar Discussions / Killer 300f pics
« on: June 09, 2008, 12:15:03 AM »
   Went to a car show yesterday and there was a killer 300F at the show. It was just restored last year in florida and brought to Newfoundland by a private collector. Just thought i'd share as this car was absolutely flawless.





Tech- - Engine / Big block rear seal
« on: May 14, 2008, 03:16:18 PM »
   Well I replaced the rear main seal a few weeks back with a Fel-pro replacement kit. I thought this kit was a little "cheezy" because the seals for the sides of the seal retaining cap were not part of the kit. Instead it was supplied with a silicone adhesive and a couple of what I call "pipe cleaners". The instructions said to slide the top half of the seal around the crank, install the other half in the seal retaining cap and slide the unit up in place. Now before doing this I ran a bead along the upper surface of the cap to seal it to the block. Now for the corny part. It said to cut the cap on the silicone and butt it to the opening on the cap and force the sealer into the cavity in which the original seal used to reside. After this, wet the "pipe cleaners" with water and force them up into the silicone cavities. I can kinda see the reasoning as it would further force the sealer up in any unfilled areas.
   Anyhow, finally fired up the damn car this evening and after about 20 minutes, you guessed it, drip, drip... It looks to be leaking on the sides of the cap as I suspected it would. I am not too broke up over dropping the steering linkage and the basepan again but this time I want to seal it for good. Any preferences in rear seal kits or a special trick I should know about? 

Tech- - DRIVE TRAIN / 8 3/4 side axle bearings/seals
« on: May 12, 2008, 03:24:50 PM »
   Whats the quick and easy way to remove the flange and bearing so I can repack it and replace the outer seal? I replaced the inner some 5 years back but not the outer.


   May need to replace the bearings too. Ill give them the once over when they are off. They feel good and dont make noise but who knows...

General BS and Laughs / Damn kids
« on: April 21, 2008, 03:59:29 PM »
   Ya think he got any on his shorts?

MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / 66' 300 - 68' VIP
« on: January 17, 2008, 07:35:51 PM »
   Where all the money goes! Actually I don't mind it a bit, keep's me away from the bar and out of trouble. I wish the wife saw it my way...
   Anyhow, the 66' 300 is up on block's and in for another refit. It won't be a major one like last year but hey, gonna take another chunk of time and cash, both thing's well spent.
   Gonna be calling on Stitcherbob for the big one, top replacement. I will be ordering the stayfast canvas top from Kee Autotop in the next week or two along with new rear window, top pad's and a new well liner. I have never done a top replacement before but I gotta learn sometime.
   Other item's to be addressed are torque converter upgrade and seal's on both side's, 3:23's in the rear end and all related seal's, full brake job with new power booster, starter, rear leaf's and shock's (KYB's as per Polaraco's past thread) and a pile-o-piddly crap that just bug's me. The exhaust I fabricated from the manifold's to the tip's need's a little tweaking as I find the muffler's hang a little low.
   I will shoot a couple of pic's over the next few day's from my little house in the backyard just to show how confined the quarter's are getting. My plan this past fall was to build an addition to the garage for the Chrysler but that got put on hold till spring. The VIP reside's in my Dad's garage but the 300 is shared with 2 street bike's, 2 atv's (another on the way), 2 ski-doo's and a snowblower. Clever use of space in a 20' x 32' garage I tell ya...

   Here is a condensed list of stuff performed on the car last winter by myself in my little house in the back yard...
-Complete front suspension rebuild. (everything with joint's and rubber)
-New power steering box and power steering hose's.
-Radiator rebuild. (shoulda put a 4 core instead of the 3 just for the hell of it)
-Replace all the engine gasket's (intake gasket was non existent, was sealed with blue rtv silicone)
-Threw in a timing chain set while it was apart.
-New fuel pump and pushrod.
-Replaced all the power window switches and repair wiring back to stock.
-Install H/P manifold's and fabricate full dual exhaust system with Dynomax ultra-flo muff's.
-Replace engine harness and repair the bulkhead connector and pins.
-Replace all ignition component's, regulator and resistor, starter switch, belt's and hose's.
-Seat belt's fer the yungin's.
-Align all the window tracks and regulator's.
-Clean up the grime under the hood and make it all pretty.
-New tire's.
-Install cd player under dash and install speaker's in stock location's.
-Change all fluid's and service/adjust tranny.
-Carb rebuild.
-new master cylinder (67 dual style) 
   There is a raft of other stuff I did to the car but i'm pretty sure I could go on forever... Just glad that when I got the car there was absolutely no body, trim or interior issues to deal with. This car has lead a pampered life and was stored in a heated garage for the past 25 years. Before that it resided in north carolina where it was purchased new, absolutely a 100% rust free car. Hopefully it wont cost as much this year as it did last year or I will be kicked out on my a$$...
   Cheers, Jimmy...
jimmyray682008-07-23 17:54:54

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