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MEMBERS Project Cars in Progress / New to the area
« on: February 08, 2010, 07:08:05 AM »
        Hey all, I'm new to the this board, though the format reminds me of Jalopy Journal, of which I've been with for years.
     My current mopar project is a '75 Chrysler Cordoba, a wedding gift for my wife. A local family gave it to me after it sat for a few years, and I've put it back on the road. Well, on going process.
      My main custom is an eff-oh-ar-dee, a '57 Effie. Seems like I keep finding more local mopar friends and projects.
     Neighbors have an early '60s slant 6 in the back 40 growth I'm about to extract for parts (will have to do a quickie number on it since too much is in the driveway already). Am wondering if the spindles from it would work on my '57 F100 frame project (looking to convert its drums to late model calipers, quite an education).
       Anyway, new guy saying Hi, will try to post some pics of the Doba and the mystery car in the brush, would love any help identifying it.

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