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"Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.  Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic."

How about 2587 days, 1 hour, 8 minutes and 2 seconds...

I've made some progress:
2017-04-09_Buff-and-Polish-02 by clair_davis, on Flickr

Have a bit of work to go, though.  She's in the shop now, about to get the stubframe straightened out from a wreck in her previous life, plus a bunch of suspension work.  And a transmission rebuild.  And I'm finally going to install the new carpet and seat covers I bought before I started this thread...

Hope y'all are doing well,


Hey, Steve!
That looks like a sweet ride - you've GOT to keep the side pipes!  Maybe stretch them a little bit so they look like they're supposed to fit a C instead of an A...    It's clearly begging for a stroker fuelie Magnum, wouldn't you say?  I need to check in and see how the Polaraco is doing these days.  My EFI project is starting to revive after a couple years off.
I don't think the login works for me, but I haven't had a chance to mess with it in a while.  My latest Windoze update seems to have nuked my cookies function, so I've got to log in to every stinking web site I visit every stinking time...  I'll shoot an email to you some time soon to see what's going on - with my web pages, not Windoze...

Hey, Stitch!  Hey, TC!
Yeah, it's been witness protection of sorts - a couple kiddos, a job that's wearing me down (but at least I have one), moving to a new house, and just all those other things that seem to crop up just when you think things are about under control again.  I think that's when you WISH it was witness protection...
These old engines are good about making us wannabe mechanic types feel good - if you've got a little fuel, a little compression, and a little spark, SOMETHING's gonna happen.  The bottle of gas I used was sitting in a quart water bottle for the last couple of years, and the gas in the tank is at least that old.  Don't ever think that stuff won't burn!

...First time I've sat in the driver seat in probably a year or more.  Something about having a 2-year-old in the house just makes time go away, and having the old car 60 miles away doesn't help, either.  In any event, today was a chance to look over the old girl, put this year's registration sticker in the windshield, and install a new battery.  With a new battery sitting there, it was just too tempting to not try and fire the old girl up.  It's been close to 3 years since she was fired up last - I was winterizing her when a freeze plug blew out, dumping my fresh antifreeze out the side of the block.
Well, the freeze plug is still blown out, but I figured I'd only run it for a little bit.  Quick once-over to pull the rat nests out of the heat risers - dang it!  Rat chewed through a spark plug wire!  Pulled one off the other 440 (thank goodness for spare parts).  Plug it in, dribble some stale gas in the AVS, hit the key....  LIFE!!
She doesn't idle worth a flip, which you'd expect for an old carb sitting for a couple years, but it sure is nice making that old 440 come to life.  Revs quick for a big engine, too.  Can't wait to get the car inspected and start making a few short trips to shake her down.
I love my Fury!
(Back to deep lurk mode...)

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