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Title: Removing Mouldings....
Post by: Bill on April 16, 2008, 03:21:51 PM
Ok so how to remove the mouldings without adding to my work load, i.e. I don't wanna bend them,?  Also how to remove the window trim.   Don't get me wrong I've done it before...  just wasn't able to put it back on my vechicle...(
Title: Removing Mouldings....
Post by: Leaburn Patey on April 16, 2008, 03:52:20 PM
Veewwwy carefully..
It is best to refer to your FSM,but I can expand by memory...
The lower rocker trim;remove screws that are facing the ground into the rockers,gently pull out a wee bit than pull up towards the door.
Been there..done that.
The windshield trim;
Open the doors and undo the tabs holding the lower windshiled trim.
Remove the wiper arms (optional)
Pry up on the trim and it will pop up.Do a little bit at a time so not to bend the crap out of it.
Next,the top piece across the windshield;
This is where it gets tricky.You will need two flat screw drivers-one to press down on the clip and the other to pop the trimm off.
Feel around under the trim for the clips.Mark where they are.
I usually start on one end and work my way to the other.
Forcing the trim can wreck it.
Then remove the sides using the same technique.
Using a good light and peeking under the trim can help locate the clips.
Do not pry up hard on the trim,it can bend easily
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Title: Removing Mouldings....
Post by: Stitcherbob on April 16, 2008, 05:08:18 PM

I would buy a plastic wedge tool from your local tool truck (I got mine from Cornwell tools) so you can gently work trim off with the power of a wedge. The white teflon like plastic won't mar anything. Another great tool was the vinyl siding removal tool I found at a hardware store. It has a 1" wide blade with a tightly rolled "J" hook on the end that can be wiggled under trim and pull sideways and up, disengaging the clips.

I bought the Sideswiper 2  shown here:;jsessionid=E868D6593054AA954BA7D358BF4465E5?productID=3201&categoryID=65 (;jsessionid=E868D6593054AA954BA7D358BF4465E5?productID=3201&categoryID=65)

The plastic tools are available in different styles here: (

Title: Removing Mouldings....
Post by: James Brown Jr, on April 16, 2008, 06:39:03 PM
all i can say is bee careful(VERY CAREFUL) i broke all the clips on mine.(all of them) the tools are a great way to remove them