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Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Mike on April 14, 2008, 09:30:03 AM

So today me and Mobby got out of class and decided to get some lunch at
White Rose(A good hamburger short order cook type place) in Highland
Park. Well we are cruising along in the New Yorker and just as we get
into Highland Park a cop stops us as he is in the road and comes over
and asks what year the car is  John says uhh I think 72, the cop
replies dosent it have Lap belts and then points to the shoulder belts
along the head liner. John tells him that its a 36 year old car and
there really is no need to wear them yadda yadda SOB hands John a slip
and tells us to pull over into a rest area where the other are getting

Well I put my lap belt on and Johns went through the seat and onto the
back floor no soup, John gets his ticket and is pissed I didnt get one
cops didnt even ask me where mine was, even though I put it on right
after we were told to go to the rest area. Anyway it was Bullcrap and
the first time that ever happened in the New Yorker.

I read the damned ticket and call the number it is a $46 ticket, so I
say poop I have that in my pocket and some to spare lets just go pay
the @##&in thing and have it done and over with.

So me and B go to the Municiple building I pay the ticket and its done
and over with someone has to be able to bank roll in the family how
else are we suppost to get out of jams and grease the squeekie wheel( Forgetaboutit!!!  I even bought us lunch no sence not eating over split milk.

Potatoe2008-04-14 14:33:28
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Johnny D. on April 14, 2008, 09:56:34 AM
stupid click it laws.

the cut off year is 1966, I woulda just thrown on my lap belt, but of course it was laying on the back seat floor and required me to push it through from behind, no luck.

the roof straps arent coming down. but i might keep the lap belt handy.

for the record. 3 car accidents, never wore a belt. still here. stupid money making scheme if you ask me.

next thing to do is buy a 65 and down car.

Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Snotty on April 14, 2008, 01:52:43 PM
In California the shoulder beltysa are supposed to be worn if they are installed in the car.  Those original belts are a pain!  Ever try to change the radio station whle wearing one?  CHOKE!!!!
We took them off of the Gremlin to do the interior and are not planning on reinstalling them.  Don't know if that's legal or not?
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Mike on April 14, 2008, 02:00:14 PM
Idk Scott, But it really boiled our coolant. Figure this way say when you bought the car it didnt come with shoulder belts.

Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Bill Mounteer on April 14, 2008, 03:48:02 PM
I believe the law here is "If the car came with belts, you must have them installed and working" and "If belts are installed, they must be used".  What's a real pain is most "old" 6 passenger cars had them in the front (2 sets) and optionally in the rear (2 sets). With today's laws, "If the car is belt equipped, everyone must be belted in" which is another way of saying your 6 passenger car may have just shrunk to either a 4 passenger or a 2 passenger car.

BTW Mobby & Potatoe, when I was young and stupid, I believed as you do - "I don't need no stinking seat belts!".  However, a couple of high speed loops on a wet highway convinced me to reconsider. Take it from one that knows, it's really difficult to steer out of a spin while you're hanging onto the wheel and your butt is over by the passenger door.(

Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Steve on April 14, 2008, 04:29:39 PM
See now You. . .You. . .You Damend Kid
You should have told him
"Yess officer. .it has seat belts, they won't go around me!" ( ( ( (
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Arlen Vander Hoff on April 14, 2008, 05:19:15 PM
Yeah that sux fellas!!! I keep waiting to get stopped in Ruby even though all she has is lap belts and you can't see mine when I'm wearing it (  But I do wear it MI has the same law!! But I think if you get caught here its a heckofa lot more than 46 bux!!
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Leaburn Patey on April 14, 2008, 05:39:52 PM
Same in Ontario.Mandatory belt laws.
Click it or get a ticket:
CBarge2008-04-14 22:40:12
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Johnny D. on April 14, 2008, 08:08:06 PM

Ok imma rant a bit... see i think its just a scam... really "click it" is just a revenue  creator for counties looking for federal grant money, i.e. overtime pay for officers, based on a "quota" for seat belt tickets.

"States have embraced
the program with enthusiasm. In New Jersey, for example, $824,000 in
federal gas tax money is distributed in the form of $4000 grants to 206
New Jersey police agencies across the state. Each will use the money to
pay officers extra to operate the roadblocks. In Michigan, state police
announced that they intend to conduct 800 roadblocks, as the successful
program last year raised $1,499,030 in revenue from 23,062 tickets.
Since the Michigan Supreme Court held that roadblocks violated the
state constitution's protection against unreasonable searches, police
look into cars as they wait at stop lights and stop signs without
technically forcing them to pull over, as is the practice in other

roughly 40-60 cents on that gallon of gas is Tax. so filling up sponsers this crap... wonderful.

NJ likes to say its helped save blah blah blah motorists by scaring them into safety... Thats's a pleasant thought... but in truth dont most people who wear seatbelts wear them anyway?

Also lets not forget that the DMV sends its mobile impound unit, and emmisions test center to the click it spots. in the process of gettin my ticket today, i saw three cars get tested, and one taken away... not for speeding or careless driving mind you... simply and expired tag. Bleh.

Get this. When it works, the policy makers still complain, becuase the lack of licket funds cause a decrease in the budget. this is the reason click it or ticket is only sometime really enforced, because it gives motorists a chance to forget to buckle up. so when you unfortunately pull into one of these check stations or whatever. its bad news bears for you.

We have this nice thing called the 14th ammendment wich says "Any sane
person can refuse any sort of health care, Is it such a leap then to suggest that by mandating the use of a safety
device such as a seat belt, the government is forcing a health care
decision on you? There is precedence for this in the law."

also the realative cheapness of the ticket prooves its bogus, a serious violation costs big dollars... 50 bucks and no mandatory court date, makes it a hassle with revenue written all over it.

how about this, exempt cars built before the seat belt law... like a grandfather policy...

Bill, Lea, Bobby, and all you guys you got to have your days of no seatbelt, and now maybe you wear one. thats called making a decision, and its awesome that you got to do so... I'm not being allowed the same process. And get this, sometimes, i choose to put on a belt, completely free of thought from the fine. like when i drive the deville. its smaller, more plasticy. I wear it because i dont want to fly into the airbag should it go off.

Arlen things are tight in MI, how is it fair to punish regular folks with a fine, who are now breaking a law based on nothing really criminal...  its not like say a drug that can hook you or make you act crazy or whatever.

I dont feel like a bad guy when i dont wear a seat belt. because it has no moral implications! And yet  the other big "body and choice" type of decision... well the govt. says thats okay?

And Since when were citizens supposed to be "revenue  outlets" for overtime, this isnt like taxes, this is lets pull something out of the air, and make it fineable... nothing like getting bang for the buck on regular folks, when oh i dunno real crime is probably occuring...

Seat belts are not 100% effective, and there are confirmed deaths due to being held in place. and guess what. if you hit a wall at 80 your probably buying the farm.

essentially i also argue this... most accidents in my car, if bad enough to do serious metal distortion will probably serously wound or kill me, seat belt or not. due to cabin deformation. minor accidents on the other hand... say rear ending a 92 buick at like 40... cause minimal damage, and leave an ugly but functioning car and driver.

like i said, ive been in THREE auto accidents never worn a seat belt, and never had a problem... these were full size cars and a truck. I just dont like them, maybe it makes me a bad person. but i feel claustrapobic when they tighten up and i've never been turly comfortable with a belt on. 

And the premise essentially says the state can tell you your not allowed to choose to risk hurting yourself over comfort... it has nothing to do with driving ability or skil, itsjust a choice that you now can't make. laws like that, wich started with the helmet laws can and have lead to everything from the sin taxes, to telling people where they can and cannot have a cigarrette, and  it's all under the guise of doing it for your own good...

Our own freakin governer wasnt wearing a damn seatbelt when his motorcade got in an accident, geez maybe doing 95 in a 65 wasnt so smart either... and it wasnt until an outcry over him not getting cited that he had an officer issue him a citation... hence notorious double standards, that make police and politicians exempt almost exempt from laws. Anyone here ever seen a policeman on a cell phone? who tickets him?

Any other time a government says, do what i say or i'll fine you. people get pissed. this one not so much.

Personally id rather pay the damn fine than have to be told whats good for me. its stubborn but i dont belive in he premise of a nanny state. If I'm stupid, and something bad happens to me because of it, that is called just desserts, and i can get an i told you so. the premise of freedom of choice is to choose to be able to take a risk.

If you engage in any activity that could be considered dangerous, that means someone can conjure a law to allow an official to pop out and cite you on it.

Hypothetical time, say you like to hunt, well to avoid the risk of gettin injued if you get shot, they can make a law saying now you gotta where a bullet proof vest. no vest they ticket you into wearing a vest. how about a law saying you must tie your shoes, or wear a hat in winter so you dont get sick, or how about they make fat folks work out (ugh)... its for your own good right?

That all sounds stupid because it is.

I sell liquor, I sell some people the same stuff every single day ( i dont mean like a beer im talking about, ciriosis of the liver amounts of vodka)....  some of these people know its killing them, but its their choice to sauce up because when the govt tried to tell people they couldnt do that, for their own good... the people rebelled.

And based on that choice If you want to wear it by all means go ahead. I just say its not for me.

As a matter of fact the only state to not take up click it or ticket,
and loose out on all that govt. funding is the live free or die state,
new hampshire. I say put the nanny state to bed.

Where's Reagan when ya need him?

Ok thats it rant over. I've gotren the ticket twice, ill probably get it again, if you disagree with me thats fine, im open to debate, and you know i dont get nasty. i just dont like wearing em...

might want to read this, the guy teeter totters both sides.

MobStaffCar722008-04-15 02:13:06
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Stitcherbob on April 14, 2008, 08:15:45 PM

Back in 1984, when I used to deliver for NAPA, I got rearended by a Pontiac 6000 STE while driving a Plymouth Horizon 4dr Hatchback. I was stopped to make a left turn and he was going 50 mph. My car went 8 feet in the air and spun around into the oncoming lanes. Everyone rushed out of the businesses to see if I was alive. A little whiplash still bothers me to this day, and the %$@#*#@& hit & run driver got away (leaking fluids and probably body waste as well), but my seatbelt saved me (and so did a well built Mopar also)....

Please wear your belts.....NJ Gov. Corzine didn't and look what a friggin mess he turned out to be!

ps - Princess Diana would still be here if she wore a belt, and Dale Earnhardt would have survived if his hadn't been damaged......

stitcherbob2008-04-15 01:20:39
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Steve on April 14, 2008, 08:24:37 PM
Wow!  Go for it Mobby!
I can't say I disagree with you on any of your points.  Living here too, I know what you know too.
You and P have ridden with me.  In fact, I put those new fangled PITA 3 points in my car as a formality.  You never saw me wear one and we talked about it when you asked.  You two thought I was going to hen pack when you and P got in my car and wanted to know if you should click.
I have told you and others I don't wear them because in my glory years, I pulled too many dead or critically injured people out of cars because of the seat belt.  And the cars were big then too.  Looking around at accidents today, I still see busted windshields, broken steering wheels, even WITH the all time killer, airbags.
Instead of scaring the crap out of an already paranoid public, teach those same butt heads how to drive.  Car manufacturers have been forced to make the cars safer because people, in general, are lousy at driving.   Even without Cell phones, most people drive with their brains turned off.  Or as I have been known to say, we have too many cultures allowed to drive here without the appropriate attitude adjustments.  And boy!  Do they ever need that!
Now I'm ranting. . .  Sheesh
POLARACO2008-04-15 01:27:53
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Johnny D. on April 14, 2008, 09:03:37 PM

Amen Steve, good points. If i gotta have someone one my side, I'll take you!

i say SITCIOT: stick it to click it or ticket

heres the coupe de grais... the ticket is actually only 25 dollars.... the receipt costs the additional 21 dollars. and you guessed it, the receipt is mandatory. if i could scan i would...  like ive been saying this reaks of a revenue scheme...

bobby, im not telling anyone not to wear one. im just saying an offence for failing to do so is like drinking diet pepsi while eating triple chocolate cake. It doesnt make sense.

MobStaffCar722008-04-15 02:33:19
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Steve on April 15, 2008, 05:05:54 AM
You know I've heard that story a hundred times.  I don't necessarily agree with you.  I could relate to numerous similar stories where seat belts killed.
Seat belts prevent from being ejected out of a car in a roll or a wild accident.  But sometimes you want to be ejected.  Especially when you are hanging upside down and the car is on fire.  The 3 point I encountered on one like that jammed
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Stitcherbob on April 15, 2008, 07:22:50 AM
The human body needs to be attached to the 2 ton mass to survive an impact or rollover....not bouncing around inside like mixed drink in a shaker.....if there are so many inattentive or stupid drivers out there, you really need to take the proper steps to protect yourself.

I don't agree with the state's campaign but I also don't want to hear that a fellow site member and friend was found partially ejected and crushed under his vehicle due to a simple deer running out in front of his car.....

Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Bill Mounteer on April 15, 2008, 09:16:33 AM

Hey Mobby, I hear what you are saying, in fact 30 years ago I pretty well said exactly the same things. It's very true what when you say I drove for years without seat belts, but It"s also true that like Stitcher, I've had an attitude adjustment. As a result, today I just don't feel comfortable with my seat belt. You will appreciate that my 70 Fury was the very first car I even bought that had a seat belt buzzer and that within the first week of ownership it got disconnected. Moving forward to today and my Jeep, its got so many sensors and warning lights and buzzers that you don't have any choice. Sometimes I think if I don't "follow what the car tells me" it will call the police on its own. (

Your points concerning police being dependant upon ticket revenue is simply an issue that is not going to go away and in fact will get a lot worse as more jurisdictions  realize they can fund police departments outside of tax revenues. Politicians love the concept that allows the law breakers pay for police enforcement. No need to raise taxes, just pass more revenue generating laws.

In Calgary, they put red light cameras all over the city and if the camera catches you running a red light it will cost you $250 first offence. Then they added a new feature, the cameras also watch your speed and if you speed through an intersection, expect a  photo radar ticket. Boot it to catch a yellow light but end up catching the red, you will be nailed to cross with two tickets. I know of one guy who managed $600 on one light at 3 AM.

Eventually I suppose, all crimes will be assigned fines. Rob a store, $1,000 ticket, steal a car $5,000 ticket and on and on.  This part of your rant I agree with because the police will spend all their time working only the high ticket crimes. To my way of thinking the police are supposed to be impartial and enforce all laws equally.  So you might as well get used to the idea that people who fight the system are destined to pay for the system.

As far as wearing seat belts is concerned, the choice is yours as long as you can afford to be one of the key contributors to police financing. If you chose to also ignore road site safety/weight/brake/smog tests, photo radar, parking meters, red lights, stopping zones etc you could easily become a star contributor and have your portrait hung on post office walls. (

I'm with Stitcher when it comes to the use of belts, they keep me and my passengers where we're supposed to be when things get bent out of shape. Steve's fire concern is real, but fortunately not that common, I think sort of like worrying about being hit by lightening.  I've seen my share of roadside carnage and have noted that most of the deaths seem to be caused when the victim was thrown out of the car. Ever wonder why race cars must have window nets?  Sure there are deaths when people were belted in, but most were crashes of such severity that survival simply wasn't an option.  Plus today's cars are designed with people cages, stay in the cage you probably will live to tell the tale, hang out a window and you'll probably become a statistic.

Personally I hate it when some law gets passed that force me to rethink my ways, but after all the grumbling is over, I usually end up looking back and wonder what the heck was I thinking. Seat belts definitely were one of those issues for me.

Now, speed limits on super highways at times when the weather is great and traffic is very light are another thing altogether. (

Fury4402008-04-15 14:27:53
Title: Click it or pay it
Post by: Mike on April 15, 2008, 11:53:27 AM
Its A load of crap John and Steve have all good and valid points that I
agree with. Me out of habit always wear my seat belt EXCEPT when in the
New Yorker and the Polaraco when I'm visiting Steve I feel as save as
in my mother womb in those cars.

    Also from a firefighter stand point Steve is 100%
correct, sometimes seat belts will cause the final blow or cause
serious injury which is why I have s seat belt cutter in my car and
with my fire gear. Extrications can be extremely rough and sometimes
the damned seat belt gets in the way.

    If you don't want to wear a seat belt that should be
your business just like smoking a cigarette is the smoker business it's
a choice you have made and are fully aware of and you don't need
everyone and their mother pointing at you and saying shame shame.