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Title: surviving the Big Storm in VT
Post by: firedome on August 31, 2011, 04:38:18 AM
Been there for the past week, family came in from all over the USA to help us celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  Irene came right up the Hudson River and straight through VT. Hit us on Sunday about 9AM and lasted through to about 2AM Monday,  high winds and heavy rain. Pulled the boat out of the water on Saturday, TG. Unable to go out, just listen to howling and pounding rain, helplessly.  Next door neighbor's 100 yr old 80' ash tree went through the neighbor on the other side's roof, no one was in the 2nd story luckily. Neighbor on the other side, tree split in 1/2, some still in our yard. Our huge ash out back is tilting at 15 degrees and will have to be cut down or it may go into neighbors house. We survived with no house damage, I'm glad I put on hurricane clips on the rafters and a metal seam roof, but lots of plant and tree damage, power still out in places. Son's 15 mi away, his house OK but  the neighboring town completely cut off by downed bridges, helicopters bringing in supplies. About 15 towns completely cut off. Vermont took the brunt, all the hills, valleys, no place for water to go, 5 inches becomes 20 inches in the valley where people live.  Hugely expensive to get back to normal... we were lucky, but all around us people affected much worse. Had to leave Monday night 10PM and drive straight through to Binghamton by 4 AM to get daughter back to Denver,  VT flight was canceled.  NY Thruway I-90, I-88 closed many places due to damaged bridges, detours, what a drive, what a storm, what a week.

Title: surviving the Big Storm in VT
Post by: Steve on August 31, 2011, 07:15:51 AM

I had you in the back of my mind through this ordeal.  Good to hear from you
Title: surviving the Big Storm in VT
Post by: Guests on August 31, 2011, 10:07:12 AM
Was hearing about the dam up in the north end of the state causing problems. Either people are being flooded above the dam or they are being flooded below the dam. I guess one has to be cautious as to what they fix, it more than likely does nothing but move the problem elsewhere.