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Title: Dash trim
Post by: Bill on January 17, 2011, 12:52:22 PM
On the metal trim there appears to be a clear coat of some sort.  I used some interior cleaner on it before we moved and it discolored the bare metal areas, black stayed black but now there's a yellow tint to the silver areas. 
I figure I'm going to have to do the whole thing so any good tips for stripping the trim and refinishing.  Also need some tips for the black as I assume that's going to have to be redone too.
Title: Dash trim
Post by: Stitcherbob on January 17, 2011, 02:15:21 PM
Use Easy-off oven cleaner (the caustic kind) or make a bath of Red Devil Lye or Drano Crystals and water. Soak the part until it starts to fizz and immediately rinse it with clear water. This will remove the clear anodizing on the part so you can polish it with compound (Mother's Mag Wheel polish for example)