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Title: Crane PS91
Post by: Jason Goldsack on April 29, 2010, 04:26:42 AM
Guys.. I was having series issue with Eileen the other day. She starting sputtering and dropping a cylinder as I accelerated.

It had to be ignition. I run an old Mallory Hyfire 1A that is triggered from my points. Ic ehcked the points and they are perfect ( now that the Mallory just uses them as switch and no current runs through the points anymore).

I thought maybe the original coil had given up the ghost. The only other thing I had around was a Crane Hyfire PS91 coil that I got as part of a E-Pay deal years ago.

About a half an hour and it was swapped in. Problem solved. The can actually idles better, doesn't smell like exhaust when cold and just runs better.


3-1/2" heightIf you come across one at a swap meet grab one. They are worth the money. But you can't trigger it with your points. You will need an amplifier like a Mallory, MSD or Crane box to fire it.

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