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Title: Plymouth Showcar
Post by: Stan Paralikis on November 12, 2009, 07:45:27 AM
I checked out this eBay auction to see what it was all about.
It's for a "restored" Plymouth showcar.  I have so many issues about this car I don't know where to begin.
First of all: the current price.  One off show cars fetch a million dolaars, don't they?  Something wrong here.
Next: The "restoration".  I put it in quote because it's not a resto.  It's a repair job.  The pics show things that are not correct.  If I had one of these, I's spend the couple of hundred thousand dolarrs getting this to January auction condition.
Also:  mags and white letter tires?  WTF.  T
The restoration was done by "Moses Lunden. Lunden, a Chrysler-Plymouth authority who has authored more than 20 books on the company and its many collectible models, set out to complete a ground up, frame-off restoration with no aftermarket parts being used"
link (
Another WTF:  LINK (
Yet another: This whole thing stinks (
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Title: Plymouth Showcar
Post by: Snotty on November 12, 2009, 08:50:01 AM
What's a matter Stan, you don't think they had those high-flow air filters in '58?  Sheesh!!!