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Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: firedome on October 30, 2008, 10:56:58 AM
We've all heard the rumors, and according to Automotive News it'll
probably happen now that the gov is poised to guarantee credit...
Surprising that there's been no comments here! - So... will we buying a
Chevy Malignum or  Dodge Ramarado soon? Will they bring out a
Chrysler Impillac? Will the compaines survive? Does it matter? Insiders
are saying that GM's Rick Wagoner will be running the "new and
improved" show... wonder what products/staffs/factories will be spared?
Chrysler just announced the closing of Newark DE plant, been around
since the 20s...  Momma Mope was also working on electric cars,
like GM... lots of rumors. Should be very  interesting!

Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: Ken on October 30, 2008, 04:45:48 PM
Chrysler will be toast...stick a fork in it (

Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: Stan Paralikis on October 31, 2008, 03:49:26 AM
Pure arrogance by both managements.  Instead of solving their problems, they have both chosen the tried and true American way:  join together in lock-step and demand from the government they are now too big to be allowed to fail...
Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: Stitcherbob on October 31, 2008, 06:23:57 AM
Word on the street is that the gov't isn't too happy with these merger talks during the crisis....maybe no help will be given to GM because of the amount of jobs shut down when these two companies figure out what vehicles are needed and what is just duplication in the marketplace. 

Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: firedome on October 31, 2008, 07:39:35 AM
Some of the pols in Michigan, and 2 other governors, are apparently
pushing it because they think it will save jobs... Detroit has so many
overhead expenses the Asian and Euro companies have, you have to wonder
if anything will save them in the long run... product doesn't help them
much either - I can't think of a Mopar 4 dr I'd want (I'd take a
Challenger!) and on the GM side, only the new Malibu, or maybe a CTS,
if I were inclined to buy new.

Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: R. Dave Carr on October 31, 2008, 11:20:21 AM
If you liked Penn Central, you'll love GM-Chrysler!!!!!!!!
Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: Bill Mounteer on October 31, 2008, 12:46:43 PM

I think you need to recognize there are really three companies involved, not two.

GM is bleeding $1B/mth and has no cash reserves.
Chrysler is bleeding less because they are smaller and they have lots of cash.
Cerberus is a company interested in rate of return, they don't really want to build anything other than their bottom line.

GM must figure out how to finance their $1B/mth cash bleed.
Chrysler is quite happy building cars and just wants to survive the market down turn and grab market share during the recovery.
Cerberus wants to own Chrysler finance and GMAC.

GM is banking on the government to bail them out and its probably a good bet. I think they are talking with Cerberus simply because they see it as a neat way to eliminate a big competitor and acquire a big chunk of cash.
Cerberus is simply trying to spin it's way out of running an active manufacturer and end up with a couple of nice tame easy to control financial arms.
Chrysler who has been actually doing quite well is most likely wondering how the heck they got dragged into the GM mess.

In the end, nothing will happen because the Fed's simply can not afford the fall out if either or both car companies crater so bail out cash will appear.

Meanwhile Ford is watching very closely to make sure they get an equal share of any bail out money from the Fed's so that the other two don't get a competitive advantage.

In other words its just business as usual.

Fury4402008-10-31 16:48:27
Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: Arlen Vander Hoff on October 31, 2008, 03:11:36 PM
I read in the paper tonight that GM is pushing for this to happen before the election!!!
The only things (according to the AP) that will survive will be some Jeeps the mini vans and the Dodge Pick ups.
I pray to God (sorry Snotty) that this does NOT happen!!!!!!  the job losses alone will cripple Michigan even more than it already is!!!!
That would be a very very dark day  and one of my worst freakin nightmares!!!!!
Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: firedome on November 01, 2008, 06:33:40 AM
I have to wonder if they'd sheeeitcan the Ram pickups - in Consumer
Reports latest issue, the Dodge Ram 2500 diesel had the  worst
repair record, as reported by owners the last 3 years, of  any
full size p/u ...

My daughter got offered a new Sebring as a company car - what an
unadulterated piece of cr.p!  I hope future Mopar offerings, if
any,  will be more refined. And they just "redesigned" that
thing!  She picked a Prius instead - very impressed with it so

Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: summer scheifer on May 01, 2012, 05:31:50 PM
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Title: Chevy Malignum?
Post by: Leaburn Patey on May 01, 2012, 06:33:40 PM