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Title: Lockup torque converters
Post by: firedome on October 28, 2008, 04:14:21 PM
My '79 Newport had the Torqueflite with 318, the standard 2.4 rear end,
and lockup - it couldn't get out of it's own way, especially when it
went into lockup at 30-35 on the flat, and didn't want to downshift
easily, even on a decent hill - so I had the lockup disconnected and it
made all the difference, but gas mileage suffered... lockup would be
handy out on the highway for economy - would it be possible to put a
switch on the dash to select it in when wanted, but turn it off for
around town driving? Seems to me it might be pretty do-able. I ask
because I'm interested in an '80 R-body with lockup, and trannies
aren't exactly my strong suit...

Title: Lockup torque converters
Post by: Snotty on October 30, 2008, 08:30:55 PM
I thought the same when I had my '84 Chrysler Fifth Avenue.  I pulled a Coleman Williamsburgh Tent Trailer with it, so I would have preferred to not have the converter lock up at 35 mph while pulling.  (There were times when that was rather inconvienent.)  I asked a transmission shop oif it was possible to have a switch installed to control it. 
I was told no.  Either it could be disconnected completely, or left as it was.  I had no other choice.   I was also told that my mileage would go away.  I decided the 20 MPG I received, even with the trailer, was worth losing some power on uphill climbs.
What I did instead was to keep the car in second, or drop it there, if I wanted more power.  That did the trick rather well.
So, sorry, I have no better news for you based on my previous experiences.
Title: Lockup torque converters
Post by: firedome on October 31, 2008, 04:13:08 AM
Thanks Scott - I kinda figured that might be the case - I too found it was a lot nicer to drive without the lockup.  I'm looking at a '80 St. Reege, so it may be relevant if I have to make the case for another v8 car to the wife,  that add'l mpg with the lockup might help sell the deal. The small block really does amazingly well in a big car in any event. I once averaged 18 mpg in a 360 '77 Gran Fury (big one) pullinjg an 18' aluminum boat 500 mi from MD to VT. I didn't believe it, but after I rechecked it 3 rtimes it was true.
Title: Lockup torque converters
Post by: Butch Houghton on November 03, 2008, 06:19:09 AM
The problem is that the early Lockup Converters were actuated Hydraulically unlike the later one's which are controlled Electrically.

When you get up to about 90-91 with the 4-speed T-flite's with lockup then yes you can do it with a switch.