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Title: My addiction to New Old Stock (and E bay)
Post by: Leaburn Patey on September 05, 2008, 07:53:09 PM
Sometimes used parts just won't do.
Especially when you end up with three of everything and it is no better than the last two you pulled off a wrecked car.
That's when New Old Stock come into play.
Watch out.It can be like a crack habit when cocaine is not strong enough.
Once you get a taste,you can't stop.
There were a few times I had to pull myself away from the E-bay  before I blew my mortgage payment.
In keeping with my "Barge on a Budget" theme .I scored some neato NOS parts at reasonable prices.

There has been some parts I really needed but did not win since I set a maximum bid and was beat.That's right,set a limit that you justify what it is worth and stick to it.
I spend waaayy too much time lurching the 'net but I learned that it pays --or in this case--saves money.
Items listed incorrectly can be had cheap.
Items that interchange ditto bought cheap.
Also,surprisingly,parts that are not in big demand can also be bought cheap.
Title: My addiction to New Old Stock (and E bay)
Post by: Leaburn Patey on September 05, 2008, 08:13:30 PM
New Old Stock can be spendy--if you are restoring a concours 'Cuda,or Hemi Charger.
The trim pieces for the Newport were kinda expensive but the Canuck-worn trim was fugly compared to the NOS wheel lip moldings and tailpanel badges I scored.
It was cheaper to score the NOS fender "eyebrows" than get the old pitted ones re-plated.
The speedo head was 26.95,fuel guage? 19.95
R/R wheel lip molding was 49.00
Wiper switch was 40.00
NOS choke was 19.95,ditto for the NOS vacuum advance
The NOS rear speaker was $40.00 and is the correct Ohm so it will not damage my radio.
Fader switch? 20 bux
I even got a NOS package of Mopar 1895 bulbs for ten bux.
The front turn signal lenses were 29.95.
The oh so commonly broken steering column cover-49.95
NOS voltage regulator..I haggled with the seller for days down to 40 bux from 65.That was  after losing to another bidder who beat me by going over one hundred dollars for one similar to it.( he must have a RR or Charger that really needed it)
New Old Stock does not mean it was never used.
I have some parts that were "installed" to see if it was the "problem" then were put back on the shelf and forgotten.
I have one switch that is NFG.I would assume it was placed back on the shelf and forgotten to be processed for warranty.
So,buyer beware and you take your chances. 
You can't go wrong with NOS trim.It will make the car soo much better--if you can find it!!
The quality of the resto just pops.
CBarge2008-09-06 01:30:10
Title: My addiction to New Old Stock (and E bay)
Post by: Stan Paralikis on September 06, 2008, 01:35:45 AM
What has me brought me the most success in scoring unobtanium, NOS, etc. is how you set up your searchs.
I have found items under classifications outside of eBay Motors.  
Misspellings that doom a part to not getting any bidders (try searching Plymout Firy sometime ( ) (
If you find a seller with Mopar stuff of any kind, check his other auctions, his store, or email him.
And above all else, never, EVER put in a bid until the final minute.  It's a PITA but I've been shilled too may times.
 Commando12008-09-06 06:39:32