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Title: 70 440 Magnum / TNT torque converter weights
Post by: fury fan on July 07, 2008, 02:57:39 AM
Engine is a 70 440 Magnum with the 70-71-Magnum-specific external balance.
The transmission front seal blew out of my trans, in one day it went from an occasional drip to enough drips&runs to turn my car into a cropduster.  I suspected this was more than a seal to start leaking so badly, and suspicions were confirmed.
The converter hub has a pretty wide wear patch on it, and I also noticed the converter has 2 ring gear teeth missing, which I could feel when starting the car (but didn't know what it was). The converter also has 2" tall lettering on the back side that has been painted over, so somebody has been in there before me (even though it's a 'survivor' car).  I'm going to install a new pump bushing, seal, and new converter.
I've looked and haven't found anyone that lists this specific converter, and I've looked unsuccessfully for the data on the weight size and location so that I could weld them onto an unbalanced converter.  Anyone got any info?  My car always had a slight vibration (could feel it in neutral when revving the engine) so I don't trust using my existing converter weights or as a pattern.