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Title: Egge Machine
Post by: firedome on June 01, 2008, 06:29:40 AM
Anybody ever use  pistons/rings from Egge? they're about the only
game in town for .020 pistons for my early "B" wedge 350 - the 1 year
only first year B block for '58 Fury/Firesweep/Dodge.  They clain
they use original molds. Any experiences with them? 

Title: Egge Machine
Post by: Stitcherbob on June 01, 2008, 07:19:33 AM
Egge is a four letter word in the resto circles......been in biznezz a long time, but nothing but trouble for us. We had better pistons made by Arias (Duesenberg, Pierce Arrow, Packard, Buick, etc.... cars that had better not fail on us)
A set of pistons by Egge for a Pierce we did grew 10 thousandths when height! They hit the cylinder head! If this was a performance engine the valves would have been bent!
I used Speed-Pro in a 1953 Packard and my Mopars with no problems.