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Title: Hard Start
Post by: Jon Doersch on May 15, 2008, 06:02:17 PM i installed a Mopar Electronic Ignition Distributor in the 62 Newport and now I have some hard starting issues. I have to crank for a few minutes, and then it only starts when the motor is still spinning but the starter has been let off. This only happens when the motor is cold or when the motor is warm and I turn it off for more than a few minutes. I followed the instructions for the electronic ignition and spliced the power wire for the regulator into the power supply side of the ballast resistor. It almost seems as if the distributor isn't getting power while cranking the starter. But it fires right up when warm if I turn it off and then start it right back up. Any ideas?
Title: Hard Start
Post by: Steve on May 15, 2008, 06:25:39 PM
They've been known to have bad boxes out of the box.
If it's wired right, it should start. 
You sure you have the timing right?  I can't hear it so I can't say yet.
Check your ground on the box.
Title: Hard Start
Post by: Arlen Vander Hoff on May 16, 2008, 03:46:18 AM
Your not 180 degrees off on timing are you?
Title: Hard Start
Post by: Jon Doersch on May 16, 2008, 06:21:51 AM
Negative on the 180 off...not my first engine, just my first mopar one with points stock. Further, it does run just fine when it starts. As for the exact timing, I haven't had time to throw the timing light on yet, but it runs perfect with no knock once started.
Title: Hard Start
Post by: Snotty on May 19, 2008, 09:43:45 AM
The MP instructions leave of one step.  There is a wire that needs t remain in place that the instructions say to take off.  I had the same problem with my 440; took it to "The Doctor" and the problem was solved.
I am sorry that I cannot be specific, but on the ballast resistor there needs to be two wires on each side.  The instructions say to install only three - one on one side and two on the other.  To do so bypasses a "hot lead" or something.
I'll send this post on to Chris "The Doctor" Ferdricksen to get the correct description.
Title: Hard Start
Post by: Herman on May 19, 2008, 11:49:13 AM

Turn the ignition key "ON" and measure the voltage between the "+" of the coil and Ground.
Should be around 9 volts.
Have someone try to start the engine and measure again while still cranking. Now it should be around 12 volts.
If not, something's wrong.

But, more likely, it's those damn orange ECU's.
Try to find another one in any color but orange, and see how that one works.

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Title: Hard Start
Post by: Snotty on May 20, 2008, 08:29:56 PM
Here is The Doctor's reply:
Hey Scott, Just read the thread and boy are you taxing my old brain. If memory serves right you (meaning me, when I installed mine following the instructoons) cut out the ballast resistor bypass that was part of the factory wiring harness. He needs to go back into his factory wiring harness and find the wire going to the posiitive side of the coil that is hot while cranking and hook it back up. I cannot recall the color of the wire for sure but I think it is blue or brown.
If you did cut this wire you will have the hard starts.  Good luck!  (
Title: Hard Start
Post by: Jon Doersch on June 30, 2008, 12:20:23 PM
Sorry it took so long to update...the Army is a busy place and I just figured out what is up. It turns out that I did hook up the igniton right, and no it wasn't an infamous orange box issue. Instead, it was a malfunctioning electric choke. When I switched out the ignition, it changed the voltage to the choke, and the choke blade is completely closed during startup. Once started, the choke works fine. All I have to do is give it enough throttle to to overide the choke, until it least until i figure out the voltage thing. By the way, anyone who doesn't have a mini starter should seriously think about getting one, it is well worth the money. That mini starter turns the motor so fast its unreal.
Title: Hard Start
Post by: Snotty on July 01, 2008, 09:08:49 AM
Glad to hear you got it worked out Gear.
Yes, those minis do work great, but they will also burn out if cranked for too long to start the car.  Be careful.  (