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Title: Kelsey - Hayes Check valve
Post by: Tom Atkinson on May 02, 2008, 05:28:20 AM
Hi guys.  On my 65 300 it has a  Kelsey Hayes break power break.  The check valve has two points.  I'll describe it as a round plastic part with a t. One side has a hose running to the engine which I take to be a vacuum hose.  The other side is not hooked to anything.   Should this open side be capped or do I need to find a missing hose which should be hooked to it?  Is it to be open for pressure or something?
My dealers service technical manual shows this valve with only one point for a hose.
Title: Kelsey - Hayes Check valve
Post by: Steve on May 02, 2008, 06:33:26 AM
The smaller port is for cruise control, if equipped.  It should be capped.  If that little port is open, that may be why you are having starting problems.  Too lean and not enough vacuum.
A tech note
You can use 3/8 High pressure fuel line as a vacuum hose to the engine from the booster.  You want to ask for 3/8 fuel injection hose.  DO NOT SETTLE for less.  That stuff is perfect and will resist collapsing.  You can buy it in most auto parts stores by the foot or in a 3 foot package.  That and the little vacuum line off the engine side port, (On the intake manifold) are prone to heat and in time crack causing vacuum leaks.  Replace the big hose with the fuel line and cut the bad end off the tiny hose and slip it back on.
Since we're talking about vacuum, I thought this is appropriate in this area.
Suggest you replace the hose to the PCV with the same hose.  You'll need about 5 to 6  feet worth total.  Replace the vacuum hose to the vacuum advance as well.  If equipped with an external choke pull off on the carb, replace that hose too.  I think it's 3/32's ID, but take a sample with you. 
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Title: Kelsey - Hayes Check valve
Post by: Tom Atkinson on May 02, 2008, 07:29:30 AM
I tired it with and without the cap.  More without so I bet that's my problem.  I'll put it back on and give it  another go.