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Author Topic: New dog = daughter bit.... :(  (Read 1624 times)


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New dog = daughter bit.... :(
« on: November 26, 2015, 01:54:17 AM »

Well about 10 days ago we picked up a nice Rotty/black lab mix....maybe more in there who knows?  He was about 2.5 years old and seemed like the perfect dog for our family.  Everything was going well, a few hiccups that you'll get with a seasoned dog in a new family, but nothing to tip us off to was to come.

Well last night we had to have him put down. :(

He turned on my 13 year old daughter and grab her face and shook her by the face.  I was getting ready for bed and all of a sudden head screaming, then more screaming and my wife joined in on the screaming....came dashing out to find my daughter on the floor with blood pouring out of her face.  Thank goodness for my industrial and first aid training in the past...stay calm and asses the situation.

Wife was hysterical...told her in a calm and forceful voice to put the dog away (he was very concerned about what happened...he had no idea), then get me paper towels and call 911.  Daughter was asking if she was going to die...checked her out quickly...some major facial lacerations, one major one right below her eye..."just" missed the eye!  few other punctures and lacerations....she'll be OK!!!

Got pressure on the major wounds to help stop the bleeding, got some clothes on, grabbed the dog and tossed him in the crate and locked it.  Ambulance showed up and we took a ride to the hospital.

They Had to call in a plastic surgeon to stitch her up, but she was one tough cookie, very proud of her.  Don't think she shed a tear all evening, but when I told her the dog would be gone when we got home, she cried.

Wife called the shelter and explained what happened, and they told her to bring the dog down.  They put it to sleep right away.  We did not tell my daughters this though....enough trauma for now.

Here she is after all fixed up at the hospital....

Wife said the Dog just turned on her for no reason, no growling, no warning other then a slight twitch in his jowls just a second before he grabbed my daughters face.  Thankfully she blacked out for the attack...all she remembers is one second she was sitting beside the dog, next she was on her knees looking at the blood pouring from her face!

She's doing well today, in good spirits...should be being doped up on morphine all day. ;)  Should make a good recovery.

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Re: New dog = daughter bit.... :(
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2016, 06:20:39 PM »


how is she doing now?
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