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Author Topic: Hey Everyone I'm back...  (Read 442 times)


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Hey Everyone I'm back...
« on: June 08, 2011, 07:55:28 PM »

...and desperate! Been gone for a while. Slight bout with the Bic "C" had me busy but now it's gone, forever I hope, and I'm ready to try and get this 300 back together.
If you all remember I drove my 300 into a "reputable" restoration shop and then to a "reputable" speed shop who quickly emptied my restoration funds and gave me back a car in pieces. I'm mad as hell at myself for letting this happen but chalk it up to learning a painfully expensive lesson! I've moved on from this and now want to drive my 300 from Chicago to LA down old Route 66 sometime before I forget how to drive a car!
Ok now my problem. ELECTRICAL! I know absolutely nothing about wiring this car. I have a Painless universal 18 circuit wiring harness, their instruction book and a factory service manual. I look at the wiring daigrams and see "spaghetti" on the pages. I have tried to figure this out and I'm just banging my head against a wall! I've had a few people blow smoke up my rear end and tell me they'd help me but I'm still waiting for that to happen. I haven't got the money to take this to a shop and have this done, so by some way, shape or form I have to put this car back together myself, and I'm determined to do this! I'm hoping someone on the boards here can help me. Here's a picture of the back of the instrument cluster:

Here are my 3 problems right now. First the spaghetti of wires on the right. Where do those go? Second and Third. There are 4 "posts" sticking out of the printed circuit boards. The 4 on the right are horizontal the 4 on the left (kind of hard to see) are vertical. What are these and where do they go? If I can identify what these are for or where they go to I can get back to Painless' Tech and they should be able to tell me which wire of theirs would go to what post. I hope!


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Hey Everyone I'm back...
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2011, 09:02:54 PM »

Not a big fan of Painless because of things like this. Here's what you do. Each of these pins, vertical and horizontal, correlate to fuel gauge, water temperature, oil pressure, amp is on the left side and has the nut and black terminal hanging on it (unless that is like the clock or something, but anyway), and then you have other things like high beam, left and right turn signal. Carefully follow the circuit board to what each of these go to, simply attach the wire that goes to the water temp unit underhood, oil pressure sending unit, fuel gauge wire. Each of these pins can be followed and you will see a speed nut, I believe, that attaches to the given sending units, and the turn and high beams should screw into the back for each, just like all the black plastic dash lights, which that terminal should go to the rheostat for the headlight switch itself.
You don't by chance have a stock wiring diagram for your model itself to help, do you? I would also feel really good about you going down to NAPA and getting the factory male and female terminals new (they have them, use them myself) so you can use the factory bulkhead connector through the firewall along with the factory bulkhead plugs in the engine bay, and use dielectric grease to protect them.  The factory wiring diagrams may look like spaghetti, but it is a simple line going from one thing to another, gives the color to use, and the two digit number is the recommended wire size (16 is 16 gauge, 12 is 12 gauge, etc.). Run one wire at a time start to finish making it long enough to reach the bulkhead connector to whatever and you can use small pieces of 3/8ths loom pieces with tape around it to hold a routing, remove after you are done if you want, wrap/tape them after the fact. Wiring is time consuming and you will double-check yourself often, but it isn't really that difficult. If I can do it, I think anyone can do it, and ask questions.
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