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Author Topic: Stratus Repair  (Read 447 times)


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Stratus Repair
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2011, 04:21:22 PM »

No Moe, they were just straight push-type body fasteners, not a locking type like the one you showed.  However, I would have been more confident had I used that type to re-install the fender well, that's for sure.
Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be true to what you described.  I didn;t find a single car that still had its inner passenger-side shield, and only two where the outer had not already hit the front wheel.  Even those two were missing the inner shield.
On the driver's side all is well.  That battery cover plate is held in place by screws.  There's been no problem on the Stratus on that saide.  I saw a lot of cars where the driver's side was intact so my hopes raised that I would find good ones on the other side.  Nope!
Between the yards I visited I must have looked at over 50 '95-'99 Stratus, Cirrus, Sebring ('verts), and Breeze cars.  They all suffered the same fate.  Of those I did look at the driver's sides were fine.  Go figure....
It's green here in Chico!!
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