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Author Topic: Worked on the Dippy today  (Read 165 times)

Leaburn Patey

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Worked on the Dippy today
« on: November 28, 2009, 03:40:56 PM »

The clutch fan siezed up this week,so I had a spare laying around.
I could not even turn it by hand.Plus the roar on the highway was drowning out any conversation in  the car.Not to mention long warm ups and drink the gaz.
  I also had a brandy new rad to go in.It's been on the "round tuit" list since I  have been running on the "spare" rad since last year when I installed it to replace a leaky one.
The new rad is made of plastic and aluminum.
I was expecting a "correct" rad when I ordered it but the rad shop says it will work.
My only beef with this new style rad is it does not fit right out of the box.
The mounting holes do not align with the rad core support.
Out comes the dremel with cutting disc and reaming stone.
45 minutes of grinding and many test fits later it dropped right in.
Even though the fan shroud bolts onto the rad,there is now a big gap between the top tank and shroud where the "old big tank" used to be.
On the positive side,after doing the job,Dippy now warms up quickly,with no roar of the fan.
I did notice that the new alloy rad took less fluid  compared to the old one.Yet the engine remained at its normal temperature.
These newer fangled rads do suck--with some work involved in "making it fit".
Yet they do work.
At least I can get the old one recored and on standby when this plastic crappy one breaks.(Lessee how it hold up to big snowbanks,eh?) 
It's a good thing I have the "disease" of hoarding old Mopar parts--you will never know when you need them,LOL
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Worked on the Dippy today
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2009, 08:28:05 PM »

Quote from: CBarge
It's a good thing I have the "disease" of hoarding old Mopar parts--you will never know when you need them,LOL
Think that applies to most of us here....I have a 10'x12' shed, attic and garage full of "Might need it one day" parts.
Glad you got the dippy back in service.

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