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Author Topic: Guage replacement or refurbishment?  (Read 369 times)

Jon Doersch

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Guage replacement or refurbishment?
« on: July 19, 2009, 06:50:09 PM »

Anyone know of a place that can refurbish old guages/guage clusters? Specifically I have a 62 Newport and some of the guages don't glow as well as they could, and I am pretty sure that they don't read properly. Also was thinking about a replacement although that bubble dash doesn't lend itself to a modern upgrade. Any thoughts?...Money isn't a problem as Uncle Sam decided I needed a year long vacation from my life to wonderful Afghanistan...
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Guage replacement or refurbishment?
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2009, 09:40:31 AM »

Gear, every now and then the original guages from the "Astral-dome" dashes come up for sale.  They are often refurbished.  However, whether they glow bright or not is an issue of electrical current and not the guages.  Those dashes have a converter under them that boosts the power.  My old '62 shone great and bright when first started, but 15 minutes later was very hard to see.  It's common.  Not reading correctly is one thing, but burning bright is another.
As for thoughts, I will share mine.  I do not mind custom work.  I've seen a number of cars with custom dashes that I've liked very much.  I've posted pictures on this site of the custom dash we've installed in my son's Gremlin.  But, in my opinion, the '60-'62 Chrylser dash is the most beautiful and unique design ever to leave Michagan.  Please, restore yours and do not alter it.  You will be rewarded in years to come by the people whov'e never see one and go "Ooooooo" every time they see one.
Just my opinion, but you asked for thoughts.  Scott 
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