1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible


OK, so it was an impulse buy. As an engineer, I don't get the opportunity to be impulsive much, so I ran with it. Plus, a dark green '67 Sport Fury that my Dad bought new was the first Mopar I have any association with in my life, so I kind of had to have it... Wouldn't you?

Vital Statistics:

1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible, approx. 111K miles, ??? owner(s)

Numbers-matching 440 cubic inch Super Commando, 375 HP

Numbers-matching Torqueflite 727 transmission

Dual exhaust, unsilenced air cleaner

3.23:1 Sure Grip axle (replaced with ?? by PO)

Original 15x6" "Hemi" wheels and G70-15 tires (replaced with Maypops by PO)

Originally equipped with a green top, replaced with white top at some point

Has been off the road since about 1986, stored outside, but under a BUNCH of covers, almost rust free

Took a hit to the front at some point, was visually repaired, but has some suspension damage, possibly from towing.


Links to specific photos with approximate page sizes are:

Body (750KB)

Drivetrain (790KB)

Interior 1 (700KB)

Interior 2 (700KB)


Here's a few shots of how I found her at the swap meet at La Grave Field in Fort Worth, TX


And here she is a week later...

That's Dad, the guy who got me in to Mopars from the beginning. He had a 67 Sport Fury that he bought new... As a baby, I rode in my carrier strapped to the center console. Ah, the good old days before air bags!


The fender tag...

And VIN tag...

And the inspection sticker...


Last Updated 01-17-2005